Samsung Galaxy Note10

Samsung Galaxy Note10

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Anonymous, 07 Aug 2019Note 10 has less battery than note 9 no headphone jack no s... moreAgree, that's why I will skip the Note 10 or Note 10+ and keep the Note8 for the 3rd year.

  • Anonymous

It's time for other android smartphones to hide.

Dishonored, 07 Aug 2019Design : not Bad Battery with thèse size screen 350... moreHow about black shark 2 pro?

  • Connor

Aside from the camera's, CPU, and charging, this is almost a pure downgrade to the Note 9.

  • Anonymous

v, 07 Aug 2019if you are using s9 plus or note 9 dont upgrade to note 10 ... moreHahaha

Why no microsd slot!!!

  • Anonymous

Note 10 has less battery than note 9 no headphone jack no sd card slot no iris scanner no heart rate sensor less resolution and hole. This is clearly a downgrade

  • v

if you are using s9 plus or note 9 dont upgrade to note 10 but go for 10 plus.......coz you cant go backward from quad hd 1440p to full hd 1080p display on note will look blur and your eyes wont adjust. once you go higher you cant go lower

  • AnonD-874772

950 dollars for a 1080p display. Samsung should have done better with the screen resolution.

  • TuPapi

The footprint and screen to body ratio is great. But I feel like they cut so many things compares to the plus version. Sad. I was waiting for this model but it doesn't check my boxes, I might wait a bit longer for the vanilla Mate 30.

  • Anonymous

Is SpO2 sensor really exist on this phone?

  • George

950 euros for this??? are you serious samsung??? its ridiculous, huawei pls beat this brand

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.... ARE THEY SERIOUS....... this is the downfall of NOTE .... ( just kidding) but this device does not cover my preferences, so the long wait was for nothing!

Can I think of PROS ?!?!? Hmmmm, well, errrmm, ummm, ъъъъъъъъ, .. pstt HELP ME ?!?!

  • Dishonored

Design : not Bad
Battery with thèse size screen 3500 very Bad
No jack no Card slot
Not worth it i rather go with 10+ or rog 2 or k20 pro

The screen to body ratio is amazing! Hats off for this!
I wonder why they did get rid of the micro SD card slot, and why no bigger battery.

  • TheMobMarketExpert

1. No Card Slot
2. No 3.5" Audio Port
3. 3500mAh Li-Ion Battery
4. HUGE Price!!!

Hmm..... Thanks, but I am NOT buying this, for sure!!!