Cheaper Note to be called Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite

Ro, 11 October 2019

The rumor about an affordable Galaxy Note10 has been thrown around even before the Note10 series came to be in August this year. However, after Samsung launching just two devices, many thought there won't be three Note10 handsets, until recently.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Lite is real

According to a reliable source, Samsung has chosen the Galaxy Note10 Lite name. The model number was already confirmed as SM-N770F but unfortunately, we have no intel regarding specs. As of now, no one knows what makes it Lite although, it's safe to say that the S Pen is here to stay. After all, it's a Note device.

Going by the Galaxy S10-series, it could be the Galaxy S10e's spiritual brother in a sense - one camera short, smaller display than the Note10 and Note10+ and likely a smaller battery too. In any case, it's all just a guessing game for now, but we hope more leaks will fill us in over the next weeks.



Reader comments

This should be similar to the note 10 vanilla version. No SD slot too so you're limited in terms of expansion options...

  • Anonymous

a 5,7" display would be great. But it needs to pack 4000mAh to compete with other brands occupiying the 400$ market - xiaomi...

3.5 jack and sd card slot may be the little nudge that makes the price over the $500 mark.

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