Samsung Galaxy Note10 rumored to have faster than 25W charging

Ro, 06 May 2019

The release of the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 is still far away, but the latest rumor is enough to keep us on our toes. Two different sources - both appear to be pretty reliable - claim that the upcoming Note10 will have faster than 25W charging.

So far, only the Galaxy S10 5G and the Galaxy A70 boast Samsung's new 25W fast charging tech and it appears that the company will finally up its game with the release of its second flagship series this year.

Unfortunately, no specifics have been given by any of the sources but they both say that the battery capacity and the charging speed will no longer be Samsung's Achilles heel. A recent rumor claims that the Note10 Pro will have a 4,500 mAh battery so if it's true and if combined with some kind of 50W charging, the Note10 Pro will truly be a zero-compromise flagship.

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Reader comments

  • Shawn

Apple removed the headphone jack. But they're happy to sell you a dongle. Oh, but you want to use the port while listening to music? buy the Airpods. Two accessories to solve a problem _they_ created. Of course they present it as a success.

  • Shawn

That's why they want to sell you on wireless headphones. Blame Apple. It's how their business model seems to work. Remove features and sell them back to you as accessories.

  • Anonymous

Good memory! The truth has been told thanks to you :-)

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