Samsung Galaxy Note20

Samsung Galaxy Note20

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  • Mariachi

Guys its a really nice phone, battery lasts almost 2 days, not heavy, more resistant rather than glass, s pen, nice pictures, doesnt heat....nice phone!

  • Rexlee

Why no battery life?

  • Cabito

Plastic?? Really 😂😂😂

  • zargul

Anonymus, 23 Dec 2020There are 10 models of Mi 10i meant '' xiaomi mi 10 5g ''

  • Anonymous

Note 20 is officially bust of the year in 2020. Get the Note 20 Ultra. This phone exists just to make Note 20 Ultra looks better.

  • Anonymus

Zargul, 23 Dec 2020Hey guys I wanna choose between samsung note 20 and xiaomi... moreThere are 10 models of Mi 10

  • Zargul

Hey guys
I wanna choose between samsung note 20 and xiaomi mi 10
And battery life means a lot to me, but also i need a pen too :/
Would you plz help me ?

  • Anonymus

Note9, 09 Sep 2020almost ... why no 512gb model or dedicated sd card slot? I ... moreNo, you should stay on Note 9 512GB if you are Note 9 user 'Note9'. Or you can buy S10+ 512GB/1TB Snapdragon(FM chip). You can forget that Samsung will ever do such nice phones like beore.

Szi, 24 Oct 2020Hi I am thinking of buying this phone exynos version but s... morePlease don't buy this. Go for the Note 20 Ultra, for near 1000 dollars, which is slightly used. You won't regret it. If you want a new device, you can also go for the Galaxy S20 FE. It's flat screen like this Note 20 as well.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Dec 2020what about the refresh rate?? What about it? It's 60hz, hence it's not written. They only mention refresh rate on this site when it's higher than 60hz.

GaushikTECH Nerd, 24 Oct 2020I respect your opinion...BUT for me a sensor placed on the ... moreI agree...!

  • Anonymous

what about the refresh rate??

  • Rao

Does it use telephoto lense for portrait, means takes portrait at 2x zoom or 1x zoom?? If anyone knows do tell me..

  • Aydin

hannah, 03 Dec 2020i'm thinking the same.. did anyone facing the issu... moreThe battery is not there
I guess

  • hannah

Szi, 24 Oct 2020Hi I am thinking of buying this phone exynos version but s... morei'm thinking the same..

did anyone facing the issues?please advice

Already at premium price but no 120hz..very sad only the ultra version will get that. So greedy company...

  • Mark

Nice phone.Battery is disappointing.

  • Tommasavas

I like this phone, because it is not have a curved display.

  • Uday

Samsung note 20 have somany issues like after applying tampered glass not working fingerprint and no good touch sensitivity average battery heavy weight..

Does anyone have this phone yet ? Can anyone confirm that the regular non-UV tempered glass screen protectors work with the fingerprint sensor on this non-Ultra Note 20 ? Thanks in advance.