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Samsung Galaxy Note20

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  • Jellz

IndianaJones, 07 Mar 2021Hi I'm lost between Note 20 and Note 10 Plus.... Any u... moreI had a note 10+, now I have the note 20. I had it only for a couple of days so the only differences I noticed are the photos quality ( I love the 20 much better, the photos are way better) and that the 20 it's easier to hold, more "feminine". I actually like the 20 a little bit more 🙂

  • Molecule Man

Kkhan, 26 Mar 2021Note 20 metal body,? Sadly, this phone features a plastic body.

  • Mr. Relatable

JL, 31 Mar 2021Is this phone good enough to buy? Or i just buy the last ye... moreNo, I wouldn't bother spending money to purchase this phone if I were you, as it's lacking in top-end features and it seems that the overall development was rushed. Personally, I'd recommend buying the more premium Note21 Ultra, budget-friendly S20 FE or any phone from the new S21 series.

  • Maggi

Tapan Majumder, 22 Sep 2020Recently switched to Samsung Note 20 Ultra, where my Phone ... moreI'm on 02 and it doesn't support delivery reports. Only mms . Vodafone had that feature which I liked. But now I just type *0# before text message to get delivery reports for messages. It only works on 02.

  • JL

Is this phone good enough to buy? Or i just buy the last year note 10+?

  • Kkhan

Note 20 metal body,?

  • az

Has overheating issue solved after updates ?

Cabito, 24 Dec 2020Plastic?? Really 😂😂😂Internet hero.
You wont laugh in my face in real life thats for sure.

Cabito, 24 Dec 2020Plastic?? Really 😂😂😂Whether it is plastic or glass, you're going to put a case on it.

  • Anonymous

Been using a Note 20 for couple weeks now and have to say its a great phone.
Great device at a very good price

Anonymous, 18 Feb 2021I don't understand the hate for the plastic back. I�... moreAre you Note 20 user? How about battery life?

Hi I'm lost between Note 20 and Note 10 Plus.... Any users here to recommend better one? Im disappointed Note 20 doesn't have sd card slot. But it boasts good camera. Any users comments pl?

Werner, 04 Mar 2021Witch one is the best phone Note 20 or S21?S21 because it has a newer chipset and a higher screen refresh rate.

  • Werner

Witch one is the best phone Note 20 or S21?

  • Mimo

Which one better samsung note 20 or iphone 11 ... Which one long lasting battery ..?tell me anyone ....

  • flagshipper

what? this POS is running on 60Hz? that much they want to sell ultra? so the flagships are no longer flagships?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Feb 2021Because you haven't read the note20ultra review, they ... moreErm,no because cameras are different specs are alot different

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2021Why no review of this GSM Arena??Because you haven't read the note20ultra review, they also put little comparison with note20, they don't need to make double review since the basic is same, just some little difference inside the phone

  • Anonymous

I don't understand the hate for the plastic back. I've hated the glass back since they came out since you HAVE to put on a case and it ends up cracking and costing extra unless you shell out for the care plan. Never cared for the curved screen on my s10 (infact sometimes it'd mess with text on edges like subtitles) and it just made the front screen more fragile so I'm happy this isn't curved. Loss of headphone jack and SD card is unfotunate but I got the 256GB version so that's plenty and it's unfortunately following industry trends. Don't care for higher refresh rate if it means crap battery life so I'll wait till it's standard for my next upgrade. Launch price was stupid but you can get it for super cheap though now and it's honestly the best value note.

  • Leftie

There was a time when the lowend J16 were full metal, today the flagships are plastic... good bye samsung