Samsung Galaxy Note20

Samsung Galaxy Note20

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  • dou

Samsung is quite disappointing plastic back, 60Hz display, just FHD display and copying apple in pricing and profits.
I think oneplus is doing great..
Samsung is going to be finished soon.
RIP samsung

  • Ackozz

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2020Looks like note 10 lite from front It has exactly screen like a A71 loll

Honestly it looks like a overpriced mid-range. I have a feeling that the s20 fan edition or note 20 lite will be a better and cheaper alternative

  • Anonymous

I want a premium phone that fits in my pocket - the Note belongs in the A series. The Ultra is just too big, don't understand Samsung's thinking with a premium Note Ultra and a low spec Note.

  • Anonymous

Note 20 is a flop..very disappointing

  • BoogeyMan

I'll still choose the S20+ over the note20, comparing the specs and the price....

  • Nasser

Samsung devices are disappointing, their updates are disappointing, Samsung is finished

  • anonymous1

It's just an upgraded Note 10 lite, even looks like a note 10 lite, even probably has the same screen, go for note 20 ultra or save your money and get any of the older note 10 series but don't go for this, disappointing from Samsung with normal note 20

This phone is a con if these are the specs. If you're not getting a high refresh rate, you're better off saving half your money and getting a cheaper S10 Lite. You'll basically sacrifice an S Pen and a more recent processor, but you'll still get almost identical performance.

  • Anonymous

Looks like note 10 lite from front

  • Anonymous

Looking ugly

Just go for the Note 20 Ultra

About to be launched in India August 5th

  • Anonymous

1000 for a phone with a plastic back and no high refresh screen. What a joke. Disgraceful

  • Anonymous

Positive IDea, 01 Aug 2020Wish Samsung can make a Note with S20 specs, design, but wi... moreYeah, but the battery would take a hit in size

  • Positive IDea

Wish Samsung can make a Note with S20 specs, design, but with an S-pen and a headphone jack.

  • Anonymous

Hope it comes with SD card