Samsung Galaxy Note20's S Pen stylus to double up as a pointer

Sagar, 08 July 2020

The Samsung Galaxy Note20 series is coming on August 5, which will likely include the Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy Note20 Ultra (or Note20+ as the bigger phablet is also known). Samsung hasn't officially shared any details about its 2020 Note lineup yet, but recently leaked live photos and official images revealed what the smartphones will look like.

The leaked images also included the S Pen and while it doesn't look all that different from the previous versions, the stylus will come with a new software feature that will allow it to be used as a pointer.

Samsung Galaxy Note20's S Pen stylus to act as a pointer

This information comes from Twitter user Jimmy Is Promo, who posted an image of the S Pen along with the smartphone on the micro-blogging network. The picture reveals there will be a new "S Pen pointer" section in the Settings menu which will allow you to customize the speed of the pointer, its color, and size. You'll also have the option to enable trails if that's your thing.

Samsung Galaxy Note20's S Pen stylus to act as a pointer

With the S Pen Pointer, you can select icons on the screen, navigate the UI, and highlight an area. To move the Pointer, you'll have to press and hold the Pen button and move the S Pen.

More details about the Galaxy Note20 lineup are likely to surface in the days leading to the August 5 unveiling.



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