Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

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Been using note ever since. But after yellow blue burn issue... PH is planning to ban Sam.

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    • Nitice
    • BLJ
    • 03 Jul 2020

    Anonymous, 03 Jul 2020I truely hope this phone won't have stupid 20:9 aspect... moreFor me the only screen form factor for the Note series is 1.6 (16:10). Remember Note 1 (N7000) and make it with bigger screen and now a days technologies and you'll have the perfect 'tablephone'. It should be strong note taking oriented. Everything else is a plus. :-)

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      • Anonymous
      • 3i1
      • 03 Jul 2020

      I truely hope this phone won't have stupid 20:9 aspect ratio display, this is a Note, the display must be wide, anything beyond 19:9 isn't acceptable.

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        • SamsungRevenant
        • p7{
        • 02 Jul 2020

        I was under name NokiaSceptic and I have changed name because of known reason. :-)
        I am using old Samsung S4 mini because Nokia is on repair in Netherland,not my country, think that in this world gonna survive only Samsung and iPhone.
        This Note seems to me nice,but hellova price..Helooo, Samsung managers do you think about people during this pandemic, a lot people have lost jobs and you are offering like other companies phones in range of high tech TV's... jeez, step a little on breakes! All of you greedy ones!

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          • yadayadayada
          • PWa
          • 02 Jul 2020

          well when it come out im gonna buy note 10+ haha

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            • ImranMansoor
            • J2Y
            • 02 Jul 2020

            upcoming Galaxy Note 20 Plus or Ultra Mystic Bronze color looking premium and more luxurious...

            Samsung’s accidentally upload in Ukraine website


            Hope this might be my next Galaxy flagship killer....

              John, 28 Jun 2020Is this the new iPhone? I've bought apple music but I don't... moreThis is a Samsung, not an Apple, the new iPhone that is rumoured to come out is the iPhone 12 series, or the latest one that is out at the moment is the iPhone 11 series.

                • J
                • John
                • 3DR
                • 28 Jun 2020

                Is this the new iPhone? I've bought apple music but I don't have an iPhone yet so would be good to buy the brand new iPhone I've heard they're really good!

                - John Peter

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                  • jk
                  • Hkw
                  • 28 Jun 2020

                  suru, 27 Jun 2020i will definitely purchase note 20 ultra if samsung use sna... more Chaines phones like one plus 8 mi10 benchmark results is higher than samsung flagshipd phones like s20 ultra s2o. Samsung just think about this otherwise you will lost your market. I prefer samsung first for myself because of sar value and quality but think about performance samsung

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                    • Anonymous
                    • uZa
                    • 27 Jun 2020

                    Exynes is bad snapdragon is best stop buying Samsung exynes phones just buy sndragon

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                      • suru
                      • Hkw
                      • 27 Jun 2020

                      i will definitely purchase note 20 ultra if samsung use snapdregan 855 plus for globle othetwise i will never go with exyons versions exyons is not for gaming . stop use exyons

                        Bro it is not a Huawei phone 🤣😂, Samsung phones always got Google services, Facebook, WhatsApp everything........

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                          • MZ
                          • 6p{
                          • 26 Jun 2020

                          bigbadwolf01, 26 Jun 2020Samsung is making fools out of all customers who are forced... moreYes i agree samsung is fooling with exynos

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                            • Raul
                            • spZ
                            • 26 Jun 2020

                            Alex, 26 Jun 2020Buy mate XS ,huge displayWithout Google, Facebook, Whatsapp and others. No thx!

                              • A
                              • Alex
                              • tx0
                              • 26 Jun 2020

                              BigDisplay, 18 Jun 2020I had Sammy Note phones until Note 9, which was the last i ... moreBuy mate XS ,huge display

                                Samsung is making fools out of all customers who are forced to buy Exynos versions. Charges them the same for an inferior product. 10-15% slower, worse photos, worse battery life, overheats during games causing drastic drop of frame rates... I've had a Note 5 and an S8+, both riddled with GSM and WiFi weak signal problems. I won't buy Samsung again until they drop their terrible Exynos chips.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • r2Y
                                  • 25 Jun 2020

                                  Anonymous, 25 Jun 2020please samsung, just use snapdragon chipsets. your exynos i... morePlease Samsung PLEASE stop using Exynos chips. They suck and shall be gone.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 3SI
                                    • 25 Jun 2020

                                    please samsung, just use snapdragon chipsets. your exynos is crap.

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                                      • 😎ðŸ˜
                                      • y0K
                                      • 25 Jun 2020

                                      I think it is beast and samsung solved the prblms from s20 ultra

                                        • K
                                        • Kahoy
                                        • 6kv
                                        • 25 Jun 2020

                                        please Samsung add iris scanner 😷😷