Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G

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  • ib6
  • 06 Aug 2020

Tony Shen, 06 Aug 2020This is how Samsung see the world: USA, Chinese and themsel... moreBut what I heard, only US get Snapdragon procrssor. Other countries using Exynos processor

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    • A.K
    • pdt
    • 06 Aug 2020

    no need to compare to apple or huawey... xiaomi 10 pro have some better specs...

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      • Anonymous
      • tEB
      • 06 Aug 2020

      I own S20 ultra snappy version.
      the only promising thing about Note 20 is the adaptive refresh rate.However its part of the new samsung one ui 2.5 skin.
      So nothing new here.

        Oncom, 06 Aug 2020Does it support eSIM..?yes to eSIM

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          • Anonymous
          • uw6
          • 06 Aug 2020

          Will it support NavIC or not?

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            • Sunny
            • nyj
            • 06 Aug 2020

            Samsung have lost their senses because of Corona it seems. Look at the specification and the price of this phone. Good bye to Samsung flagship phones. I have bought all the Samsung flagship phones S-Series and Note Series starting from S2 but now its time to break the relationship with Samsung.

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              • Anonymous
              • dVw
              • 06 Aug 2020

              It will be interesting to see gigant's main flagships.Note 20 Ultra vs Iphone 12 pro vs Huawei Mate 40 pro.In addition Mate 20 pro in 2018,Mate 30 pro in 2019 was phone of the year.It was officially posted.

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                • Anonymous
                • gEj
                • 06 Aug 2020

                What protection does the front glass have or do we need to again get a tempered glass or some shit like that ?

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                  • Anonymous
                  • 39x
                  • 06 Aug 2020

                  Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020No 3.5mm, no IR blaster, no thanks. Bye...Buddy we're in the age of Bluetooth now, I don't like it but it's over, move on

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                    • Jo
                    • ftb
                    • 06 Aug 2020

                    Samsung has lost it, this thing is not visually appealing. The only reason one would buy this is for it's processing prowess. This thing is ugly man. They've lost me completely, Huawei here I come

                      ShameSumg does not worry, USA has banned Huawei so they do not have the toughest competitor. This is why they dare to give Exynos 990 to the so called international users.

                        Oncom, 06 Aug 2020Does it support eSIM..?Yeah bro

                          This is how Samsung see the world: USA, Chinese and themselves Korean are advanced people so they deserve the SD865+. The others are just crappy to deserve Exynos 990.

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                            • ImranMansoor
                            • 6kF
                            • 06 Aug 2020

                            Finally as I expected....
                            Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra will get three (3) major Android OS updates
                            That includes the S10 and Note10 families of course

                            Wow now that's the way to move on....

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                              • eemix
                              • L1D
                              • 06 Aug 2020

                              Besides others already mentioned, the designer must be lefthanded. The place of pen and buttons as I saw in videos, is not made for right-hand people.

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                                • Quezy...
                                • tes
                                • 06 Aug 2020

                                RVA, 06 Aug 2020To all Exynos haters. Check the performance comparisons bet... moreDifference between Exynos 990 and snapdragon 865 is 2o percent...Check more...Do more digging...Check with MRWHOSETHEBOSS...

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                                  • Quezy
                                  • tes
                                  • 06 Aug 2020

                                  Joe, 05 Aug 2020I don't know if I'll be buying this new Note 20 U... moreExcuse me brother...
                                  I guess Samsung has done improvements...
                                  The selfie camera has more detail than the S20 selfie camera when seeing the resolutions.
                                  The note 20 has less ram, but has ufs 3.1 and the snapdragon 865+ chip which brings improvement than the s20 ultra.
                                  The design is awesome compared to the s20...

                                  Even i did comment saying the note is not wrth it...
                                  but i did some digging...
                                  Found out that the note 20 is worth it...
                                  Note has adaptive refresh rate...Adapts to the programs default refresh rate...Saves battery...
                                  Has longer battery life in my perspective...
                                  The screen brightness in note 20 ultra is 1500 nits vs the s20 ultras 1200nits...
                                  The software is one ui 2.5...Which improves battery life...
                                  I feel Samsung has done an impressive job...
                                  i would like to take back my comments i made last time under the name quezy...
                                  I think Samsung has given every thing they should to make the note better than the s20 ultra... i ALSO FEEL 25WATTS CHARGING IS ENOUGH FOR EVERY ONE... Cause the notes battery si enough for a days work...
                                  More important, s20 is a personal phone...Note series is for more productive work... Remember that also...Note 20 ultra is a better upgrade... I WOULD RECOMMEND IT TO MY FIRENDS...

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                                    • Rewan
                                    • mTW
                                    • 06 Aug 2020

                                    Plastic Phone costing $1000 from Samsung. They going back to their history.

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                                      • xda expert
                                      • na0
                                      • 06 Aug 2020

                                      I have Note 10+ rooted Exynos version and will buy this year Note20 Ultra Snapdragon version just that phone can hold whole day of heavy usage... Its so much problem that i dont care about root anymore...

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                                        • wadi
                                        • IVA
                                        • 06 Aug 2020

                                        Oncom, 06 Aug 2020Does it support eSIM..? support esim and memory card.