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  • Dave M

How can I set the alarm ring duration like to say 30 Seconds in this fone?

  • Anonymous

samsung note 5 use is
good ya not

  • Anonymous

After being a proud owner of a Note 2 for 6 years, I can say that I'm a proud owner of a brand new Note 5 that I received today.

Been searching all day on information regarding the pros and cons of upgrading OS to Nougat, however all of the information is in relation to users who have used their phones and not necessarily advice for a new one.

So, should I upgrade the OS of a brand new Note 5 to Nougat or wait?

Any help/advice is greatly appreciated!

  • Razzi

I loved my note 5 . its perfect. but it only didnt have the memory card slot. huuuhu.

  • hassan

Adnan, 05 Mar 2018Hey, I want to buy samsung glaxy note 5 but i am confused which... moreBetter you buy g or ds model.

  • Adnan

I want to buy samsung glaxy note 5 but i am confused which model is best,
there are many models of samsung galaxy note 5 e.g N929(a)(c)(t)(i)(v) etc,
is there is any difference between these models?
kindly suggest me the best model of samsung galaxy note 5
Thank you!

  • jim B

got my note 5 last dec. the battery has crapped out already& repair shop want $135.00 to replace it works fine other then the battery situation...F.Y.I. if you buy at Costco,don't get their
square trade ins. its a rip off...$120.00 for 2yrs on new phone "but" then they have an $85.00 deductible charge PER my case, i pd $120. for coverage then you add $85. for a claim total $205. so it's costing me $205.00 to get a $135.00 replaced battery!!!!!!!
maybe i should have read more fine print,haven't found all the paper work to review it

just sayin!!!

  • AnonD-741546

AnonD-741132, 01 Mar 2018Please I am in need of help. Note 5 and lg g6 which one is good... morego with the note 5 because I use it before its a perfect phone lg g 6 good but not as the note 5

  • AnonD-741132

Please I am in need of help. Note 5 and lg g6 which one is good for me as a student and more importantly battery life on note 5

  • Anonymous

No Memory card support
32GB isn't enough
Even J7 2016 is better in battery backup with 13+ hrs SOT.
3000mAH fixed battery is to blame, it hardly surpases 4hrs SOT.

We will not accept Fixed/Small battery

  • amazonshope

bigger has continually been better. Galaxy word proved that over and over. It additionally changed the complete sport with S Pen. A flexible device for ideas, desires and dreams. This time it is Galaxy Note5. The most effective and beautiful version to date.
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  • Buono

I updated my note 5 with ota and end up i lost 4g. And now all samsung centre in my city can't fix this problem. Thanks a lot Sam Pah!!

  • CKDinesh

Hi Guys,
My unlocked note 5 international version just received an update to New Zealand , probably Dec 2017 security patch.


Hw, 23 Jan 2018No...note 5 will not receive oreo...plz go to samobile and read ... moreCheck this out, there may be a hope of getting Oreo for Note5­_may_get_oreo_update-news-29564.php

  • AnonD-576767

AnonD-734336, 06 Feb 2018Someone please tell me how is the battery life after updated the... moredont use power saving mode first
in my case power saving mode using more juice
disable sync
delete facebook and messenger done

  • Anonymous

how to hide images in samsung note

  • AnonD-734336

Someone please tell me how is the battery life after updated the new firmware last january ago ??

  • AnonD-78844

jawed, 04 Feb 2018i want to buy iphone 6 or note 5 which is good phone & note ... moreNote 5. Love this phone. Battery its nice.

  • Karan

Is it 100% volte... I mean does calling with jio sim works without the use of jio call app..?

  • AnonD-399783

Hi all ..
advance thank you..
i see a problem in my galaxy note 5T after nougat Update , Samsung health not working in my phone. what can i do now ? i love my phone .anyone fix it ?
plz plz plz help me