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  • AnonD-489412

Tcool, 26 Feb 2016It depends, if it will be an upgrade, why not? But if it will fo... moreIt wont!!!!

  • AnonD-507159

thanks anonymous samsung is best but apple is also

  • AnonD-489412

Just of sam live chat. S7/edge will be supporting sd card which is good news:) Maybe sammy listened to its customers after note 5 not supporting it.

  • AnonD-100398

DenisXD, 26 Feb 2016i have a phone with 2gb of memory atm.. who said I had a samsung... morei have a phone with 512mb memory Lol What diffrence does that make to our orignal topic.Lol..U r funny!

  • Anonymous

No doubt Samsung is a Top Brand, any product it launches. Would definitely sell well. Due to its experience and debacles overall, but please look at S7 and N6 launches, its a tad here and s tad there, no major breakthroughs n design or hardware. Still if they give everything once, then will have nothing to give next year, lastyear 16 MP Camera this year 12MP but with Mega Pixel to bring n more light. Next year would be 26 MP again. So long as nitwits remain n market, every company will have buyer of even mud to sell.

  • AnonD-100398

DenisXD, 26 Feb 2016You are* What fight are you talking about? I simply said tha... morewhat you simply said is not at all simply true and if someone points that out you pick up a fight with that person just cause he/she doez not belive your comment .If its not a attempt to pick up a fight then What is it?

AnonD-100398, 26 Feb 2016then why bother pocking up a fight here? Lol u r funny!You are*

What fight are you talking about? I simply said that note 4 is better in my view because it's more practical. If you are happy with your phone.. horray. No need to claim it's the best, because it's not. It's not durable, it's not waterproof, it doesn't have memory expansion, it doesn't have stereo speakers etc.

So how can you claim it's the best? Clearly it lacks many things other devices have.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-100398, 25 Feb 2016Note5 is such a huge sucess even without the removeable battery ... moreIts still missing the IR blaster.If note 6 has memory card slot and IR I will definitely get one

  • AnonD-100398

DenisXD, 26 Feb 2016i have a phone with 2gb of memory atm.. who said I had a samsung... morethen why bother pocking up a fight here? Lol u r funny!

AnonD-100398, 26 Feb 2016I understand ur frustration that u also dont have 64gb modal and... morei have a phone with 2gb of memory atm.. who said I had a samsung?
Quit living in your shell it's just a phone!

  • long life use

samsung fail in dominating the market,
and my point here why other people try to buy other phone products.

nokia fail
blackberry fail

it is not the hardware >>>>>> it is software operating system that could easily
hacked throw its long life use.

just look to the operating system for each machine you buy.

why people buy HTC?
why people buy LG?
why still people buy Huwawi?
and at last why people stay using iphone for more than 3 years as an old device ?
why people try to wait for next generation and always they sell android phone for
low prices?

in dubai, resale price for iphone is raised just because you sell iphone
and on the otherhand samsung resale price is very low

while other brands you can't sell them and market refuse to buy old phone,
there is no resale market for other brand!
samsung every 2 months create a phone.

that mean your resale price is decreased too

  • AnonD-367917

Tcool, 26 Feb 2016Then you are lying when you said that most areas in Australia do... moreThese arguments about LTE (and remote data storage) or SD card for local data storage, are not sound.

The usage pattern you present may suit your own needs, but it would not suit the majority.

I have excellent high speed LTE reception. At home.
When on the road, I go through many areas of no reception, and when I hit the edge of my local major city there is congested 4G, and in the mall, being the reason I would travel there, big pockets of 'no reception'.

Cloud storage wouldn't move the data to me quick enough, being limited by the providers upload speed.
And several terabytes of uncompressed music just isn't practical to move via the cloud in anticipation of needing it.

Having 160gb of local storage is very useful though, and, best yet... My videos and photos, if something goes wrong with my phone, being easily removed from the device, and saved- is excellent.

I am not sure why we are still having the SD card argument.
They suit some people. Some people swear they can't live without them.
Some people can live without them. They likely even bought a Note 5.

One opinion is just that - an opinion.
Real world usage as listed here by many indicates they feel a need for an SD card.

No amount of arguing with them telling them how wrong they are, or inferring they are not clever enough to use modern tech, is silly.

I too live in Australia, and have laughed a few times at people who reckon the gps on their phone (powered by an online connection to google maps) is good enough in rural locations.

Just as they get far enough from town to start needing their electronic map, reception of course will have gone the way of the dodo.

SD cards are cheap extra storage.
I listed a few days ago the pros and cons of not having an SD slot. (Yes there are pros)
It is unfortunate that the galaxy note 6 waiters have no other place to discuss the passion of their potential purchase.
That is okay, cause if you think about it, they are hanging out with a lot of loyal samsungers by being on this thread.
Maybe they think good things about Sammy and have had to wait it out a year cause their preferred flagship didn't hit their sweet spot last year.
Right now might be a serious time for consideration for them... Considering an S7 or waiting for a Note 6

  • AnonD-111968

I'm in the verge of buying the Note5 and 32GB is fine for me, I really wanted a truly multipurpose device, especially writing with the SPEN, currently I use to bring a pen and a small notebook, I am beginning to learn physics, math, etc... I graduated BSEE many years ago but now I'm inclined to mathematical physics and maths itself, I'm beginning to learn by myself especially that I always got rejected with my MS applications.

Tcool, 26 Feb 2016As I said you don't need a 4G phone if you don't have stable sig... moreYou are the one who said you use Huawei Shot X as your Hotspot for the Note.5. You only may use 2 hours of screen on time over wifi and this is how you get "24 hours".

Anyone who use Android 5.0 and above all know that the battery projection is based on the user's habit. The less you use, the longer the projection. The more you use, the shorter the projection.

I still can use up to 8 GB of data within the day, 8 hours of screen on time usage, on two original batteries, or one double-capacity battery. Apparently, you're a light user. You have not given us anything on what's your screen on time usage. All because you hardly use it.

  • AnonD-100398

AnonD-77443, 25 Feb 2016The GN5 wasn't a huge success. 1) Samsung had to cut 10% of s... moreNo You are Wrong! Note5 is such a huge sucess even without the removeable battery and a card slot :) There is just no better smartphone out there rightnow...

  • AnonD-100398

DenisXD, 26 Feb 2016umm no. Note 4 is a more durable device, plastic doesn't break, ... moreI understand ur frustration that u also dont have 64gb modal and u are also living with only 25gb internal memory in the All plastic NOTE4..LOL.

AnonD-100398, 24 Feb 2016Dude even after S7 ,S7 edge and Lg G5 is launched Note5 is still... moreumm no. Note 4 is a more durable device, plastic doesn't break, like glass does. also Note 4 has msd card slot, ir blaster and its not a fingerprint magnet.

You bought a phone and you think you are somebody.. well you are not. It's only a phone and a not durable one. It looks like a shoe with this size xd

TheNeighbor, 25 Feb 2016VR is still in its infancy. $100 of the cost of the headset woul... moreYou are as ignorant as ever.

I have 64GB Note 5 and I have Gear VR, I downloaded lots of items from Oculus store and my phone still have lots of free storage space.

Don't conclude anything if you are not a non Note 5 user or it shows or ignorant side teacher!

AnonD-77443, 25 Feb 2016You should look at a map.... Australia is a big place with not a... moreAs I always mentioned, SD card doesn't affect me, WITH or without.
It is not a big deal for me. I have cloud storage and good LTE signal coverage every where.

Rd, 26 Feb 2016Or prepare for the upcoming, N7 WITH the wonderful memory expans... more...and "fragile" glass body with microphone as the IR blaster. LOL!