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AnonD-22824, 23 Aug 2015nowhere did i mention that i am all over NOTE5 and it has everyt... moreYou're pretty confused.

  • AnonD-22824

TheNeighbor, 23 Aug 2015Yes, Samsung and other manufacturers are happy for complacent cu... morenowhere did i mention that i am all over NOTE5 and it has everything to satisfy everyone..earlier i was purposely praising samsung and note5 and s6 edge+ even for there no sd card slot and non removable battery just to have some fun with u..but whatever i wrote in the last 2 comments is 99% correct.
If u will continue in the same manner i think u will again resort on personal attacks (like learn english,write english what not lol ) than giving valid arguements.

AnonD-22824, 23 Aug 2015U and most geeks here knows what i mean, i dont have to prove an... moreYes, Samsung and other manufacturers are happy for complacent customers like you.

Of course they want you to think sealed batteries are better - that's how you'll come buying a new device yearly.

Of course they want you defending 26GB user availability, so they can sell you more data expenditure and pay for cloud service or a higher model.

Of course they want you defending that shiny glass back as best thing ever - the more chances it brwaks.

And here you are rationalizing how cheaper they will be after months later. How ironic you want to spend little for something you value highly and lesser in features.

They removed the extended memory option. Bad move Samsung. I guess I'll be moving to the Motorola X Style. Pure Android with a few extras. External storage. No ugly Touch Wiz interface. Samsung will lose quite a few of their fans because of this phone. Sales will continue to drop.

  • AnonD-432679

Man so many ppl loosing it at no SD card storage..
Really OMG - Answer

Go get a 5$ micro usb to USB adapter - How many USB flash drives do you all have laying around, make use of one and plug it in to your phone and transfer some crap off ya phone if your that tight for space.. Sure it's not the fastest solution but it beats complaining about not having an SD slot and solves the problem...

  • AnonD-22824

TheNeighbor, 23 Aug 201599%? And what statistics did you get that? From your imagination?U and most geeks here knows what i mean, i dont have to prove anything to anyone but frankly speaking it is us geeks who r in minority who knows how to use there smartphone to the fullest but most smartphones users around the world want no complications with the Sd cards and the removable matter how much u deny it but it is the bitter truth ...same thing happed with the FM Radio & IR blaster very few ppl were useing these features i.e samsung removed it. I am not trying to justify what samsung has done cause even i am unhappy abt the IR blaster but again i cannot use my unhappyness to deny that the Note5 & S6 Edge+ are great smartphones.

AnonD-22824, 23 Aug 2015Whatever u mentioned is true but sadly only for the 1% of the sm... more99%? And what statistics did you get that? From your imagination?

AnonD-22824, 23 Aug 2015Whatever u mentioned is true but sadly only for the 1% of the sm... more99%? And what statistics did you get that? It's hearsay, and illogical, if you just made it up.

  • AnonD-22824

TheNeighbor, 23 Aug 2015And you'd be happy with a 32GB model? Because that's likely what... moreWhatever u mentioned is true but sadly only for the 1% of the smartphone users for the rest 99% smartphone users Note5 and S6 Edge+ are both going to b a best smartphones at the moment, i know 32gb cud b less i.e there is a 64gb model and for that the price is high right now but it will settle down to a much affordable price in couple of months.

Conclusion- we both r correct its just that what i mentioned is 99% correct than ur pony

AnonD-22824, 22 Aug 2015Dude read my comment carefully almost 99% of the smartphone user... moreAnd you'd be happy with a 32GB model? Because that's likely what your region will be selling, leaving you only that 26GB of user space. 64GB model is not common for all regions. It's a special order, even for your lusting for the S6 Edge+.

Isn't it more hypocrite to be claiming to have the most modern and has the most optimized processor, and yet has a battery that can't or just levels out with its predecessor?

Isn't it more hypocrite to to boast of an internal memory system that's like 2 or 3 times faster than previous model, however has less in memory capacity because it lacks memory expansion?

Isn't it more hypocritical that you need to be carrying around a USB OTG dongle to load up on media, because that internal memory can't store enough?

Isn't it more hypocritical to know that the S6 Edge Plus that you profess to be the one you want to get but complain it not having an IR blaster, and yet not get the S6 Edge which has one? Their processor are practically the very same one.

Isn't it more hypocritical to be telling us that you have a model with a back that doesn't shatter on accidental drops and get one that does shatter on first impact?

All these just spells kids' logic of an impractical logic for displaced sense of design. Unless the battery lasts 10 times longer, and its charging cycle is also 10 times longer, that sealed battery would be well and good. NOT the case - these manufactures wouldn't want that happening, as they stand to lose yearly sales. Then people will just keep their old smart phones because their batteries are lasting such a long time.

You are one that is perpetuating this more fragile, self-destructing method to kill the battery faster, and encouraging renting cloud services. They want you not to complain, do their job of promoting that self-destructing expensive device to sell more. At least the removable battery and memory expandability were the users' way to controlling how they want it to be. Those were good options and even a necessity for many.

AnonD-389805, 22 Aug 2015I'm not that interested in metal bodied phones especially since ... moreI'm citing the A8 as an example of a very recent Samsung has released with the S6 Egde+ and the Note.5. I wouldn't get it either as I'm using my Note 3.

The fact is, high "premium" phone is beaten by a middle model that has standard micro SD card slot, FM radio. Why pay extremely high that does less? I question all these lessened features and impracticalities so modern kids here think having a more glass and a short-term charging solutions that actually kills that sealed battery faster.

And these tech reviewers don't know any better than to actually promote such nonsense of fast/wireless charging without telling about its short-term consequences - heat being the number one enemy of the battery or that you have to carry all that gear just to keep your phone alive for the entire day.

So much complacency, so much under thinking.

  • Anonymous

Heyii everyone !!

I wanted to choose between S6 n Note 4.

Decided on Note 4 as i read some users facing heating issues on S6.
Now m reading Note 4 users goin through the same heating issue.
M using S2 since around last 3 years, no heating issue faced Alhumdulillah.
Can someone please give me a reasonable review and opinion.
In sha Allah planning to buy 1 soon ...

And which is the best version of Note 4 ? Is it N910C ? Or which other ?

  • Nadeem

Many people argue that its time to leave SD and adopt cloud drives,on which i dont hav faith.i cant save my private pics and vids on some company's drive.resent leaks of celebs like jen law,kate upton and salena gomz proves my point.they clearly said that they keep them on 2 different servers for securing them in case of 1 is is still there if u delete 1.may be they will go through them to learn peoples psychology for their or google non is faithfull.they hav always breached our privacy,its proved..

  • babak

unfortunately sar value is very high and not safe.

  • Tim

Sorry guys, this is 2015 and storage options have come a long way since the floppy disk. Unless you live in less-developed nations where fast networks are lacking, having a micro sd card is the way of 2007. It seems like everyone is losing their mind over Samsung's recent decision to phase out micro sd cards in their devices. But the reality is that cloud storage options are more mobile, versatile and secure than sd cards. I can take a picture and upload it to onedrive, (which I got 100 gb for free with the S6) and instantly access it on my other phone and computer/tablet etc. And it's not like you'll ever lose your cloud like an sd card or have to pop the back off the phone to access the additional memory. I can somewhat understand the non-removable battery decision but they provide other more convenient options over swapping batteries (fast charge).
Stop hating for Samsung trying to bring us into the future!

  • Anonymous

I can work without a removable battery, but no sd really samsung

  • AnonD-432623

Well Well Well.
Samsung is back with another phablet ( which is short of a basic requirements like expandable memory and removable battery)
When is samsung going to learn? 128 GB version is a necessity in a phablet and not a luxury?
64 GB is like peanuts and dropbox is useless without stable internet connection in India.
And when is Samsung going to come out with a water resistant phablet? Sony is far ahead in this regards.
3000 mah? Seriously? Note 2 has 3100 mah and I still replace it everyday with the other battery to last a day with heavy usage.
4000 mah would have been decent figure for a phablet since you do not buy a phablet just to call and text.
Do you?
That said, my Note 2 is still better than any other note series in terms of performance. No Lag even after 2 years of constant use with a 64 GB Memory card. It is definitely a No nonsense phablet.
Looks like I am sticking with my Note 2 until Samsung learns from its mistakes.
Samsung is turning out to be more like Apple where the users have to pay more just for memory and nothing else
But I do appreciate the design. Looks GORGEOUS and is worth the premium price.
The day is not far before Samsung reaches where Nokia is, if you know what I mean.

  • Samsung

john, 22 Aug 2015 samsung devices are always pricer than others .Surely it will ... moreDude I think you areally using some bloody cheap mobiles

  • Khopadi

Dude removable battery is totally worst i just hate this type of phone. i believe in new technology but this type of technology brings only headache.

  • AnonD-389805

TheNeighbor, 22 Aug 2015Of course there are some complacent persons who would not mind p... moreI'm not that interested in metal bodied phones especially since it almost certainly uses weak 6000 series aluminium and the phone specs are about 2 years outdated so it offers nothing over my old Note 3.