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  • AnonD-429641

what is changed in this phone?

  • AnonD-429551

I had several Samsung phones, my latest is note 4. I feel like Samsung is going to a different direction with its company. By releasing this note5 and S6 this way, they are trying to be an iPhone wanna be.. or clone if i may say so.
1. Non-removable battery. Sometimes phones hang, and we can't restart it. Even pressing the power button won't help. What do u do? Wait for the phone to drain its battery? So sad...
2. No expandable micro sd card.. how many gigs does the cloud give you? 16 gig? 32 gig? I don't think so. Also, relying on cloud to retrieve your files will take ages (as compared to local drives). What if you are in a place that doesn't have signal- no mobile data and wifi? How can you retrieve your files??
3. As i have said, i owned many Samsung phones. Now they even changed the sim format from micro-sim to nano-sim.. wth? Seriously? Samsung definitely wants to clone iPhone! You have lost all the advantages you have and now stuck to being the same with apple. Too bad...
Remember: for apple fans, they will not simply change brand even if you clone (look alike) the Samsung.. they will stick to their beloved iPhone.. so, Samsung, hope you get back to your roots and see your advantages from iPhone. Maximize it. Not be an iPhone wanna be!

  • AnonD-429551

AnonD-6295, 18 Aug 2015I've had every Note that Samsung has released. They seemed like ... moreSame sentiments here.. don't forget that they also changed the sim format from micro-sim to nano sim.. making this a iPhone wanna be... too bad..

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TheNeighbor, 18 Aug 2015Meanwhile, some serious things to consider before getting this s... moreWhen it comes to Samsung people just love to go to this extend to research on unremovable battery. Why there no research on it when Apple release the first iphone with only 1400mah unremovable battery back in 2007. We are considered lucky with the 3000mah.

  • AnonD-429551

anonymusbaq, 17 Aug 2015samsung galxy note 4 the best phone ever made.Agree!

  • AnonD-359873

Now a days every month new phones come out, with same specs 3g ram, 4gb ram,16 mp, 20 mp camera, can anyone give me the reason why to buy this phone, how is it diff from other phones, its same like other phones whats so extra ordinary about this phone, now a days every phone looks like the same,

Aw yeah, news of Microsoft Surface phone scheduled for early 2016 release, with a digitizer pen! Finally, a worthy competition against the Galaxy Note... Hoping that having a removable battery, out at least a likely memory expansion!

Samsung needs to be reminded that it will lose loyal Note customers with the way it's lessening features.

Meanwhile, some serious things to consider before getting this smartphone...

Having only a sealed battery is like driving without a spare tire. I'm talking about the time when your battery's capacity diminishes. I usually see around just having 40% to 50% loss of power hold onto the battery. You may likely not see this as you only see the percentile being 100%. Also consider that as the battery get old, some of the battery will blimp up, pushing that precious screen out. This was never a problem with a removable battery.

It's screwed sandwhich to the screen:­rmaImvB1h.huge

Critical thinking would warn you what happens with this construction. Yes, folks, Samsung wants us to go as renters of their machines, instead of owners.

  • Buzz,,,

Exynos7420 - Mali t760 mp8 was only reach at max 190.0Gflops and this wont
Beat the snapdragon 810 or next 820.

Apple a8x -powervr 6850 was 240.0Gflops and more more more powerful than exynos7420.

In term of graphic performance....note5/s6 still lagging behind...

1440p screen will slowdown the phone for high demanding intensive graphical content..

  • AnonD-6295

I've had every Note that Samsung has released. They seemed like they were made for my taste: Big, Heavy, Stylus and on and on. There are a few things that in my opinion make a Note A Note and the S-Pen is first among equals; but the loss of the removable battery is a bitter pill to swallow. Regardless of how fast the Note 5 charges it won't help when it's down to 10 percent and i have to on a site visit (in construction) and there is no option to charge it. Yes some may say keep an eye on the charge level, but I buy phones for use not to oogle the level of charge remaining. Taking the SD card slot and NOT giving a 128gb option is also a slap in the face. I love the ir blaster as well, but that's gone too. Samsung has screwed me as far as I'm concerned and I won't buy the Note 5. I honestly hope that sales are terrible and the Note 6 will address the legitimate concerns of loyal Note buyers.

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Anonymous, 18 Aug 2015He must be British or Indian. Don't start an argument here. Lets... moreI just wanted him to know that there cud b ppl with diffrent views,thinking and not everybody is the same , i know its very simple to understand for anyone but our Mr The NeighboUr does not understand this simple thing thatswhy i suggested him a Psychiatrist ..but his Ego is hurting him to visit

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hello, does anyone know if the note 5 n920i come in spanish language from factory

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TheNeighbor, 18 Aug 2015Yes, the ridiculous QWERTY keyboard cover that makes everyone sa... moreI heard they made that keyboard to win Blackberry users. Some Nokia user also like the keyboard. Except for most Samsung user.

Anonymous, 18 Aug 2015He must be British or Indian. Don't start an argument here. Lets... moreYes, the ridiculous QWERTY keyboard cover that makes everyone say "WTF, Samsung". I wonder who was the numb nut team member and all who signed off on that being actually implemented. Such a waste of energy producing it. Pointless in usage, as the swipe typing is so ridiculously fast that going back to even point tapping is slow.

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[deleted post]He must be British or Indian. Don't start an argument here. Lets talk about the ridiculous 'keyboard cover' by Samsung. Who own one? How is it?

  • AnonD-22824

AnonD-429669, 18 Aug 2015No IR blaster: i can't see a reason to remove it. Production cos... moreYa man even i need the IR remote control .I also thought that samsung will give IR remote control on note5 but still do not know the reason for removing it.

  • Anonymous

Gogo, 17 Aug 2015I read the comments here and i can see that here we have apple f... moreWell said. You take the word out of my mouth.

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yes results are therefore excellent !

  • medhat

All of us talking about the battery 3000 mah li-po not enough what ever iphone 6 plus had 2915 mah li-po and screen size 5.5 inch but no one complain

  • AnonD-429669

No IR blaster: i can't see a reason to remove it. Production cost? Wtf! I don't expect a flagship phone to have features removed just to cut cost.

I can swallow sealed battery and no SD (if base storage is 64GB - not the case).

ALL that features removed at once i just can't swallow.