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Samsung Galaxy Note5

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  • AnonD-137171

Anonymous, 13 Aug 2015Samsung need to do the following to make this an exciting phone:... moreInfrared port
uv,gesture sensors
At least 20 mega pixel rear 8 mega front camera

  • phoenix001

I could learn to live with uni body design if there was a better battery, but wouldn't upgrade without the sd card. Fortunately I'm happy with the note 4 as indeed I was with the note 2. I just hope they restore the sd card next year or I shan't bother upgrading again shame really, if you really listen as you say!! samsung
Take note!!

  • Kentthegreet

Curve glass on the edge is the only thing upgrade on this device for me. Not really a pull out from Note 4. Jeez, a few pic and video taken from Note 5, your SD card space will just poof! They should have considered at least 64GB to 128GB if they will remove the SD slot.

  • AnonD-137171

AnonD-389805, 13 Aug 2015I didn't think Samsung could possibly screw the Note 5 up any fu... moreNo ov,gesture sensors!!!!

  • Benji

AnonD-397882, 13 Aug 2015Disappointed ..... battery must be more than 3000 mAH !!!!!! It... moreSamsung designer should be fired. I buy Samsung for the SD card. Now I will just buy LG. they never understand why majority don't buy iPhone. I think it's going to be a no sale. Two months big discount just like S6. If I am going to buy this phone, save money buy Xiaomi note 2. Save 2/3

  • soma

Hmmm with Samsung not listening to it's customers and dropping good features and only caring about a vain glass back that'll never be seen with a protective cover, I'm reminded of BlackBerry and Nokia.

  • AnonD-418160

F**ck you Samsung. You are trying too hard on copying Apple. The best phone you have ever made was no doubt the Note 4, and instead of improving what was an amazing phone, you're downgrading the Note series. This Note5 sucks in every way. No more microSD (and it was going to be less bad if at least there was a 128GB option, but there isn't), no more infrared, no more removable battery (they've could compensate this by putting a bigger battery, but au contraire, the battery is 220mAh smaller than the Note 4), a stupid glass design which I imagine it will be fragile as f**ck, the phone will not launch to Europe, and hardware-wise for example, there's almost no reason to choose this phone over the GS6, bot have chipset, same camera, etc. If you think the GS6 ruined the Galaxy S series, wait for this one to ruin the Galaxy Note series, which is disappointing since I was really looking forward to this phone, but now, forget it, if you want a good phablet, buy the Moto X Style.

  • AnonD-429322

Battery less than 3000 .. Holi cow...

Everything same except few changes. Not worth

  • The great depression

What a horrible end to an expectant wait......... Sorry Samsung you've let me down. I can live without the user replaceable battery, I'm doing that now with my Sony but no sd card?
I'm in India where coverage (3g) isn't always great and what little there is is subject to expensive plans so the no sd is a deal breaker. I'll be moving to the LG g4. I hope you guys realise what a mess you've made

  • doma

without sd card 64 gb not enough for me . How much app memory free in 64 gb? note 4 and note 3 is the beat phone. nobody like without sd card at this time samsung note 5 bye bye

  • soma

Wow I was waiting to upgrade to the Note 5 for such a long time and now with no SD card or removable battery I've lost my interest. I'll pick up the Moto X Styles, at least it has an SD card slot with also a 5.7" display.

  • Majdi Saead

No gesture,uv sensors
No infrared port
No micro sd card with only 64 max storage available
only 3000 mAH (non removable) battery
Using old exynos 7420 chipset
If i Am going to pay 1000$ on this phone i am ready to pay 200 more to improve those things
I am a samsung fan but most of the things on this phone went bad and if samsung continue doing that i will change my mind and go to iphone
accually only thing i like on this phone is the 4gb ram

  • crizyfx

AnonD-387282, 14 Aug 2015Samsung Note 5 is released, Note 4 is discounted, Note 3 is on s... moreFact!!!😊😊😊

  • just me

pretty disappointed
they think people liked the pen and bigger screen about the note ?
noo we liked it coz its have always was the best performing machine
no its just a bigger screen with a pen
same camera same cpu i mean u could have atleast changed the cpu guys so everything else will little smoother i mean u could have just released it at same time with the S6 if u didn't plan to add anything

  • Jeff87

Non-removeable battery still acceptable, NO SD CARD slot?!
then tell me why to buy Samsung over Apple?
What a stupid move Sammi.......

  • san67

So,before I begin - I have always been with android and Samsung all along, currently own Note 3.

I too was surprised by Sammy, not giving SD and removable battery , but wondered even Apple never had it ( ever) ,why still there is a huge fan base and they never complain and stores are lined up before release ?
Samy has 10 times better screen quality , amazing CPU /GPU and list goes on...yet today its a gloomy day for sammy . Oh and doesn't appy sell 16 GB ipad ...( a paper weight ) - yet no complains .

Point is , Note 5 still beats any phone out there ...and S6 edge + is engineering marvel ,yes SD card miss is a bummer -but 64gb may not be deal breaker.

  • colint3

goodbye samsung. no sdcard no removable battery means no buy samsung they have lost the plot by trying to copy apple.

  • Frosty

I have owned every Galaxy Note to come out and now Samsung have taken away the removable battery and the expandable sd card slot, crazy! I left Apple after owning every iPhone because you had these features, unfortunately you have now lost me Samsung. Pissed off is an understatement

  • Shams Uddin

Samsung have now totally lost the plot. Well Samsung, it looks like you don't give a s**t about what your customers are crying out for!! YOUR LOSS!!! If you just put an sd card slot on the S6, I would have bought one, and now you have failed on the Note 5. Looks like your profits will be hit even harder this quarter. Apple will be laughing all the way to the bank as they don't have any competition now.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-425038, 14 Aug 2015....Note 3 is now,Note4 is next for me.Sony C4 and C5 Ultra is better than note 3 note 4 and note 5! with expansble SD card ; good price
If you find fashion :Bezeless C5 Ultra is the best:)