Samsung Galaxy Note5

Samsung Galaxy Note5

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  • AnonD-418976

AnonD-81128, 18 Jul 2015Screen is the same as note 4 ??? Sadly, same screen size as Note 3 & Note 4.

I want a bigger screen than my Note 3. I'll wait for Note 6.

  • MMT

I thjnk specs is not sure.

  • Anonymous

For those who are new with Gsmarena, this is how they do their work. The new phone specs are usually copied and pasted from the previous model and will be updated daily according to new confirmed rumors. If you see other phone like Galaxy V plus and Oneplus Two, they both carry the same specs and their previous model. It will only be updated once the phone is released for real. Even the picture is taken from previous model. Gsmarena only use real picture releases by Samsung. Even if render photos made by leakers already spread in the internet they can't use it due to copyright reason. If Gsmarena put umconfirmed specs, they can be sue by Samsung for spreading false specs.

  • Anonymous

fake specs for sure

  • donrex

Still no water and dust proofing
And what happened to wireless charging

  • Anonymous

Ethan, 18 Jul 2015Besides having an extra 1Gig Ram, this is a copy & past... moreThe device isn't out yet....did you even read the info on the page?

  • jarfin

i think note 5 have usb 3.1 connect

  • William

No different from Note 4 except for RAM.

  • AnonD-150282

ho tks a lot Samsung for releasing note 5 very soon.
I knw abt this is worlds the best phone forever

  • Techkung

samsung seem has limitation now. No inerestoing change and update in term of spec and shape of phone. Samsung may be hiring the old fashion Nokia staff


hope it s fits a 5.7 screen in a 5.5 inch phone and as slim as A8, with 3500 mAh battery inbuilt.

  • AnonD-381465

I wiss this very best phone by samsung

  • popp

just rumours all this I dont know why the post this,, site points ????

  • Anonymous

Ethan, 18 Jul 2015Besides having an extra 1Gig Ram, this is a copy & past... moreall fake specs dont bother

  • AnonD-81128

Screen is the same as note 4 ???

  • Anonymous

4GB RAM, Well thats indeed for a Quad HD screen device.

Hope this one might be my next upgrade from my current S4 !

  • Sam Cheong

Ethan, 18 Jul 2015Besides having an extra 1Gig Ram, this is a copy & past... moreClever boy, the photo is just rumor only, not the exact one!

  • Ethan

Besides having an extra 1Gig Ram, this is a copy & paste from the Note 4.
Nothing is new!

Same looks... Almost exactly. Where's the FM radio? Where's the edge version?
Is this what we've all been waiting for?

What do ppl want from HTC? Sammy also copies & pastes from last year...

What a disappointment!

  • Anonymous

Another fantastic phone by Samsung!!