Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos

Samsung Galaxy Note5 Duos

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Been using this phone since 2015 with no issues at all. Only the battery consumption increased when updated to android 7.0 but it's not considered as a phone's issue, rather an OS issue. Other says they never dropped the phone nor got it wet but they forgot where they always puts their phone that bends their phones (such as back pants pocket) that causes the phone's screen to go blank. Also, maximizing their brightness that causes AMOLED burn. The phone is good, only it's users has issues and not the phone itself

  • AnonD-738219

Been using the phone for a year. Pink hue from the bottom starts spread. After 1month entire screen becomes all black. Never dropped the phone nor overcharge it. Still looking for a cheap class b lcd screen+digitizer replacement. Never buy this phone. Waste of money

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Note 5 duos user, 23 Oct 2017Pink tint from the bottom of the lcd screen grows till it covers... moreNormal case with amoled display.
While I use more samsung than xperia, xperia have better battery, 3years still good for gaming, note cant stand 2years

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1 December 2017 security update is full of garbage. Better stick with 1 November 2017 Update. 1 December 2017 security update will ruin your device

  • Anonymous

AnonD-722312, 13 Dec 2017My note 5 ..create a problem after update 7.0 ..battery backup i... moreTry Wipe Cache Partition, is very simple and very efficient almost everytime. If you don't know how to do WCP, just search google.

  • AnonD-18780

1 December 2017 security updated about 17.04 MB.

  • AnonD-722312

My note 5 ..create a problem after update 7.0 ..battery backup is low before ..and get full only on call..not on use web browsing...

Pls let me know.....why

Samsung change android version in their mobiles....if he want to upgrade software version ..then it should be do only new latest launched mobile when it come in market only...

Software update is good only ..application should be done keep up to date only....

There are much kind of mobile are survived with bad battery life then he goes to software version changed....pls...dont done it is .

We all humble requested to u ...pls dont done this....because u make money waste of all user ..which either ..indian or .out

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What I really wanna see is when I use the phone that is running a Samsung Experience 8.5 UI. I don't care about the Android O. As long as it's running the latest UI and apps that were updated, I won't feel that my phone is being forgotten for ages

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To those that were asking on how to update their phones, if they cannot update it OTA, then there is an alternative way to update your phone using your computer. Just go to this link: and check for an update using your phone's model number. There is an instruction on how to install stock firmwares without unlocking your phone's bootloader or rooting it

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Ki, 14 Oct 2017heLLo cAn i get nOugat to my nOte 5 SM-N920C?­5/SM-N920C/

  • alvi

Battery timings are not good rest every thing is ok

  • ijalija

AnonD-18780, 06 Nov 2017Yesterday updated about 56.81 MB for 1 Oct 2017 Security and bug... moreplease how do i update mine to Nougat Android 7

  • AnonD-18780

Yesterday updated about 56.81 MB for 1 Oct 2017 Security and bug fixes.

  • AnonD-18780

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2017where is i can buy note 5 At Samsung Stores.

  • Anonymous

where is i can buy note 5

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Oct 2017Hello yes you can . I got itwhy?how?i doNt have Any update yEt To my phone,jusT nEed to wait?thanks for The answer.

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Ki, 14 Oct 2017heLLo cAn i get nOugat to my nOte 5 SM-N920C?Hello yes you can . I got it

  • Note 5 duos user

Pink tint from the bottom of the lcd screen grows till it covers the entire screen in pink hue. Never dropped this phone ir anything that would cause it to be that way. Waste of money. My xperia is more sturdy

  • amr

what about the battery of this phone

  • Ki

heLLo cAn i get nOugat to my nOte 5 SM-N920C?