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Avikul, 02 Aug 2022My note 8 get frees with galaxy logo i have tried with vol... moreTry the Bixby button + volume up + volume down + power button simultaneously. So basically all 4 buttons at the same time when the phone starts to freeze. That's the only tip I can give you. Not sure if you've tried that cause you mentioned only 3 buttons.

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    • XHg
    • 05 Aug 2022

    Kren.M, 15 Jul 2022The phone was amaaazing!! Had it for 4 years an loved ever... moreI agree with you. I also had it for 4 years. My best phone ever. This phone is primary for everything, music and photos. Same here about the screen. It is burnt in. I already purchased the Note 20 Ultra, since that is the last Note phone with a memory card. I am currently using a 1TB card. What I experienced with the Note 8 will have me take more precaution with the Note 20 screen. No direct sunlight or do not maximize the brightness.

      Avikul, 02 Aug 2022My note 8 get frees with galaxy logo i have tried with vol... morehi please suggest

        My note 8 get frees with galaxy logo i have tried with volume up Bixby with power button it then after some time it show android logo with No command and exclamation sign on top . and again restart

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          • Kren.M
          • J1Q
          • 15 Jul 2022

          The phone was amaaazing!!
          Had it for 4 years an loved every minute of it, the only "problem" was the battery but even that is nitpicking.
          I would still use it to this day but the screen burn-in was getting really bad, 10/10 would recomend to anyone for light to noderate use only because the battery is old by now

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            • chewan
            • xja
            • 07 Jul 2022

            AVMY, 04 Mar 2022My galaxy note 8 is restarting randomly when idle... I tri... moreGet a new phone

              David-2, 05 Jun 2022Bought my Note8 new at launch, still my main (only) phone. ... more1440p is the dream resolution for every material reader.
              Too bad, we lost it just like the headphone jack and micro sd

                My Note8 isn't my daily driver anymore since I got the S22 Ultra now, but I sure do miss stuff this Note has and the S22 Ultra lacks. I miss the LED light, yes of course we have AOD but the simple yet very useful LED light is always an easy way to spot notifications. I miss the heart rate sensor, every so often I measured the heart rate, impossible on my S22 Ultra. Those are the two most missed features. The lack of an SD card and the lack of a 3,5mm jack are seemingly not that missed by me, but it's always useful to have and I still don't agree on removing both features.

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                  • David-2
                  • IxT
                  • 05 Jun 2022

                  Bought my Note8 new at launch, still my main (only) phone. Excellent hardware, no question about it. Unlike other commentators here mine has no battery problems. (I charge nightly using the wireless cradle, but it typically has +75% remaining at night.)

                  Turned out I found the pen less useful than I thought and now rarely use it. But i absolutely do like the large screen with highres - makes reading any kind of material effortless no matter how small the font size chosen.

                  Only issue with Samsung is their d*** bloatware installed that is impossible to get rid of. Never wanted 2 email apps, 2 contact apps, 2 messaging apps, 2 photo gallery apps, 3 browsers, etc. in the first place, not to mention all the other preloaded junk that weren't core functionality. And even worse are their "special" applications that they have long since discontinued support for, yet still nag for updates and then complain that they _can't_ update.

                    Note 8 was the best Samsung device ever used
                    Got it back in Jan. 2018
                    Love the design & the camera is amazing, it has LED indicator which removed from all devices now, sd card slot, headphone jack!
                    But my concern was about the battery is too small to handle this device
                    But at the end it's my perfect device

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                      • xman
                      • IwA
                      • 20 May 2022

                      I got my note8 4.5y ago, battery hardly keeps a day, but it's still great phone with great display and easily beats some of the cheaper but younger competitors.

                        Alex, 28 Apr 2022How about the battery? The battery of my Note8 is not good anymore, under 20% it can jump to 15% and 10% to zero within a matter of minutes. The Note8 never had the best battery life but after more than 4,5 years it's pretty much worn out.
                        The battery of the S22 Ultra is better but since I only had a brief hands-on experience I don't know how the battery performs.

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                          • Alex
                          • fna
                          • 28 Apr 2022

                          Aadrian, 12 Apr 2022I had a hands on with the S22 Ultra the other day. Compared... moreHow about the battery?

                            I had a hands on with the S22 Ultra the other day. Compared to my Note8 it feels rather large while the Note8 on itself is already a big fella. I am planning to upgrade to the S22 Ultra in a couple of months. My Note8 is the best Samsung ever. Also my first Samsung daily driver. After the s-pen usage I can't without anymore. I use it so often, ideal to sign documents, highlight stuff, do some occasional browsing using the stylus etc. or even make GIFs with the handy app for it. My Note8 is in use since October 2017.

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                              • Emmy
                              • 4BD
                              • 07 Apr 2022

                              good and solid phone.

                                I bought this phone as a secondhand used unit a few days ago for about $35 (honest). While the phone itself has a green screen issue that requires a hardware fix, this is my first time trying out Samsung DeX, and it didn't take me long to fall in love with it. Speaking of DeX, the main reason why I buy this particular phone is because of Linux on DeX (LoD). Samsung has dropped LoD since Android 10, so the only way for me to try it out is to get a Samsung flagship that doesn't go beyond Android 9.0 Pie.

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                                  • FatRakoon
                                  • pLs
                                  • 04 Apr 2022

                                  Bought the Note 8 when it was fresh and just out.
                                  Still use it as my main Phone. Tried the note 10 and a few others in recent times, and frankly they simply did not justify the price.
                                  I got the Note 8 as I had the Note 3 and that I still got, but it slowed down with an update and so when Samsung do that to the Note 8, then I will move away from Samsung.
                                  Until then however, I cannot fault the Note 8.
                                  For what it is worth, I have a load of phones as I am simply a pleb that likes to have lots of phones. Only a few have any credit on them, and I use them for media players or simply for kicks, and my favourites are weirdly enough, blackberrys.

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                                    • xtS
                                    • 02 Apr 2022

                                    Note 8 user, 28 Jan 2022This is the only Samsung phone I have ever used as a daily ... moreHow about de battery

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                                      • 31 Mar 2022

                                      Just got the Galaxy Note 8 this month. Marvellous phone, very reliable but bigger and heavier than my previous Samsung phone! Good camera.

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                                        • Angie
                                        • kVx
                                        • 23 Mar 2022

                                        Laur, 31 Jan 2022When will we get a new update?It won't be any update for Note 8. The final update was on August 2021.
                                        I still hang on on my Note8. It still performs like a charm!!!