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  • Note 8 user

This is the only Samsung phone I have ever used as a daily driver, purchased in 2017 after its launch. Very yood device with all the bells and whistles and good build quality. Absolutely sturdy second place behind Nokia. My next phone will be a Nokia or a Samsung or a Fairphone. I'm very much into the Fairphone philosophy so I might give them a chance. No Chinese phones or Apple phone will come in my house. But that's my opinion.

  • Anonymous

increasing popularity

Skyebluewater, 07 Jan 2022I have had my Note 8 since 2017. I have never had to chang... morethat is called shadow on oled screen, start care your screen phone now

  • Skyebluewater

I have had my Note 8 since 2017. I have never had to change the battery, and I use my phone A LOT. I have not had any technical problems with it, and I really hate to get rid of it, but this model, I assume because of its age, will not transfer to my new service provider. The only issue I have had with this phone, and all the Galaxy phones I have had, is that some of my icons have been there so long that they have burned their image onto the screen, so I have ghosts. I know that I caused this issue, though, because I have the brightness turned up - I like to look at vivid, bright color screens.

  • Santa

Aadrian, 19 Oct 2021I am very reluctant to upgrade to a newer phone. This Note8... moreSame case , Sep 2017 purchase - Very heavy user. Changed my battery in Nov 2021 . Same issues as urs , hardly any backup time.
Changed for 2500 INR . About 35$ . Its back to how it was the day i bought it.
Forcefully did a reset and i love the phone still. Dont see a worthy upgrade yet.

Will get the S22 Note if i really like it.
Else the Note reign continues.

No ultrawide-- no issues - macro - no issues.
No stereo - no issues
what matters to me are IP68 , SD card . the processor is still decent . lacks only in Video editing. It takes a long time.

This was the best Note I had ever used!!

  • Purno

I recently purchased this Note in the magnificent colour Deep Sea Blue, sim free, brand new, dual sim variant and so far it's been great. I had a Note 3 before, it was my first smartphone, this is my second smartphone only. I am planning to use this as long as I used my Note 3. So I am good for the coming years.

  • James123

My meme had this phone for 4 years. In then she gave it to me and it still,s woks fine

  • esoterik

please help! dont know how it happened, obviously, my status bar wont scroll down, instead a shortcut to the flashlight appears along with an adjustment for flashlight brightness. how do i ge t the status bar back?

  • Anonymous

Complete package. Note series from Note 10 don't have the complete package no more.

No 3,5mm jack.
No heart rate sensor.
No LED for notifications.
No iris scanner.

Even S10 is more complete than Note 10 apart from the s-pen.

That's a sadvthing, it's like stripping the most feature rich phone on the market from many features.

  • Anonymous

Waxasky, 03 Oct 2021Note 8 and LG v40 which one should I go for?Where do you live? Midrange class nowadays are not bad like it were, i suggest to buy a newer mid high phone for a longlast day and better specs, rather than buy old series phone (except you need a secondary phone for personal image purpose)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2021I bought the phone today second hand with Samsung wall char... moreWireless Charging is suitable for All Night Charging during sleep because the big size you wont ever bring to coffee shop, Wired has Fast Charging for quick recharge during Day time and the compact size is the best travel companion

  • Anonymous

Pra, 26 Nov 2021My phone dosent show IMEI number. What can I do?Where and when did you buy it? New or secondhand? Official warranty or imported? Lost Imei from bought it or had used for long time? Try to hard reset, if it not work, must root for injecting imei BUT that means triggered Knox PERMANENTLY, it also means Samsung Apps that rely on Knox system won't work anymore

  • Pra

My phone dosent show IMEI number. What can I do?

  • Anonymous

I purchased note 8 during initial launch in Sept 2017 from India. The note 8 stopped recognizing sims and simcard manager crashes every time. Just using the phone only for wifi. Phoned the USA support system , but regretted as the phone was purchased while I was in India. Unreliable. Undependable . Had to change to iphone

Anonymous, 15 Nov 2021How do you check the battery health percentage?I use an app called AccuBattery. After a couple of charges and discharges it measures the capacity. Obviously it probably isn't 100% accurate but it gives you an idea of what the capacity is after the use of several months and years. It also gives you advice of how to get the most out of the battery.

  • Anonymous

Aadrian, 11 Nov 2021Battery capacity after over 4 years is now down to 89% on m... moreHow do you check the battery health percentage?

Battery capacity after over 4 years is now down to 89% on my Note8, not too bad. I do notice that when it's below 20% of battery it goes to zero very quickly and before you know it it's turning itself off.

  • Anonymous

One of the best phone produced by Samsung. Too bad they went downhill and produce overpriced garbage now.

Sixth Wave, 31 Dec 2020I got Note10+ few weeks ago after using Note8 and here... moreHave you sold your note 10