Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000

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  • geng

Don't upgrade to 4.1(Jelly Bean).. Because I did upgrade from Ice Cream Sandwich to JellyBean.. And now my tab is lagging and hang too much.. Even worst, it can't play music smoothly.. Stuck and jammed.. I feel so embarass on public when I'm try to play game.. I have to tap more than 4 time.. Still not opening.. Loading too much to open gallery and video.. My friends all said that better don't upgrade, coz not all device will run smoothly.. It been more than 6 times per day I have to Restart this N8000!!

  • AnonD-110485

I don't think the battery life last that long, but it's a good buy....

  • Gee

mikky, 28 Jan 2013My screen stopped responding to my hands but pen still active, d... moreGo to a samsung retailer shop or call customer care and ask them what should you do. if they can help you. once i changed my galaxy note 1. i had a problem that it will never take pics. i got the new one and it worked perfectely.
. Thanks

  • Flexydoro

still not convince about this gadget. My Cash is ready. i'm scared is not worth it. Please prove me wrong... waitin for your replies. Thanks all

  • yousif

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2013Note 2 is ten times better than Note 10.1..better screen, better... moreare you comparing a tablet to a phablet !?
are you kidding, but just tell me who is the three times bigger battery(7000) is worse than a 3000 for the note 2 ?
they both have the same res, now same OS, same s-pen,same ram, and same plastic so don't compare again a mixed phone and tab(note2) with a row tablet.

  • lanz

i think which one you need first, if a phone pick note 2 but if you want to draw, i prefer note 10 for it wide

  • Anonymous

Note 2 is ten times better than Note 10.1..better screen, better features, Great Sound..More tricks..Very portable,More powerful, Enormous Battery, Better Software Support, Sweet Front Facing Camera.

  • Raven

Which is better, Note 2 or Note 10.1?

  • prasad m.s

could u post Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 N8000 options to gsm arena

  • sherry

why oh why theres no update yet here in the philippines??? i want JELLY BEAN 4.1.2...??? CAN SOMEONE TELL OR HELP ME PLS????? THANKS!!!!

  • Anonymous

scorpion, 30 Jan 2013Hello i buy sumsung galaxy note 10.1 n8000 before 1month ago i w... morego here­flash-player-versions.html scroll down to Flash Player for Android 4.0 archives download Flash Player 11.1.for Android 4.0 (

  • dr.brabe

AnonD-107153, 30 Jan 2013Hi did u know how to download adobe flash plz tell me how to do ... morecontact me on for detail on flash download.

  • paris

Anyone knows how to transfer apps from internal memory to external memory without rooting? This seems to be a problem to a lot of units with 4.0.4 version.

  • rolly

AnonD-107153, 30 Jan 2013Hi did u know how to download adobe flash plz tell me how to do ... moreGoogle play store is the answer buddy

  • sirjosh

Anonymous, 25 Jan 2013Galaxy note 10.1 is a bit better.galaxy note 10.1 is better

  • AnonD-107153

Andy32, 24 Jan 2013Dear all, I noticed my Note 10.1 do support Adobe Flash but the... moreHi did u know how to download adobe flash plz tell me how to do it

  • scorpion

Hello i buy sumsung galaxy note 10.1 n8000 before 1month ago i want to know how to download clip from youtube n how to watch movies online because every time iam going watch movie online is not supporting n i try to download ADOBE FIASH that also not supporting Plz WHAT TO DO

Replay it ANY ONE

  • Someone

AnonD-379, 28 Jan 2013got an update yesterday via KIES 4.1.2 location U.A.E dubai i have also got the update but i did not upgrade it yet.I want your opinoin about the battery after upgrading it is fine or will it bel like s3 because i m suing s3 as well but after update battery drain like hell even if i dont touch the phone its keep draining.

  • AnonD-106743

abhay, 03 Jan 2013Just received 4.1.1 now by air. in Orissa,india.i am getting a samsung galaxy note 8000 from dubai thru a friend and would like your frank detailed suggestions.thanks.

  • Jos Panackal

The Indian Launguage (Malayalam) NOT supported and Not able to read and write like google input.
If possible please do it as soon as possible and its very usfull for keralates in Inda as well as NRI's.