Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (USA)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (USA)

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  • paulievee

Anonymous, 05 Jul 2020Pls I own Samsung galaxy note 4 sprint version. I don'... moreTry straight talk or TracFone since they can activate CDMA and GSM phones
You may have to order a new sim card but will be able to keep you phone number worked for me

  • Anonymous

Pls I own Samsung galaxy note 4 sprint version. I don't know how to register my Sim card on it. I need your help on how to go about it, thanks.

  • deivisl

why in this page it says something diferents from my mobil, here says 3G 900MHz and my mobil N910T do not have this one, someone explain me please.

  • oss

let me tell u that it is a good device and the issue that u have with the battery is just calibration ( well... for me that process really works for me )

  • oswald

it is a good device but the issue is when the battery is about 15% the device just turn off

  • Anonymous

patunya, 12 Jan 2019I have a note 4 and I have to say I love love my phone the ... moreBuy an original battery.

I have a note 4 and I have to say I love love my phone the only thing I have to complain about It is how I'm now on my 2nd battery which is also doing the same as the firest one was.... it could have 80 or so % and it would just shut off and wouldn't and won't power on unless I remove the battery plug it in than install the battery. It the phone more than the battery get so hot I have a hard time touching it . Can anyone please help me fix this problem please ty in advance mz.broussard

  • Anonymous

cupiddstunt, 28 Dec 2018I have had a note4 for 4 years and it is now starting to pl... moreNote10 seems a good pickup with no more annoying edge to edge crap. Only downer is the non easy replaceable batteries as for me i dont need that water resistant gimmick.

  • cupiddstunt

I have had a note4 for 4 years and it is now starting to play up so I am now in the process of buying a new phone it's another note4. I think that says it all.

  • maralexbar

Death programmed, there comes a time when everyone dies by mistake of eMMC.

  • sukalong

AnonD-734008, 29 Jan 2018Which one the better between this mobile with Samsung galax... morethis is from my own experience. once i use note (especially samsung note), i dont wanna use any other phone. so for me, note is the best.

  • AnonD-734008

Which one the better between this mobile with Samsung galaxy j5 Prime?

  • godflesh

AnonD-675060, 06 Jun 2017pliz samsung when can we get marshmallow on note4 tied of w... moreinstall Samsung Keys to your pc and in the phone connect it before upgrade it make a full backup or you get lost everything then you can upgrade it

  • AnonD-719673


  • mmmc

sar on samsung --0,3 why 0,88???

  • AnonD-287440

Hello Guys, Greetings from Cambodia.
I need help please. My beloved AT&T Galaxy Note 4 faced a small drop recently but unfortunately it caused to break the LCD. I see some online sellers here put the LCD on sale with a good price but their model is different from mine, they have the international Variant (N910C). My question is if that LCD is compatible with my AT&T one?

Thanks for your reply.

  • I like

Rayray, 29 May 2017For older Samsung models download Samsung keys to your pc a... moreeverything

  • Chin..y

Hi, has someone tell me why my sam sung note 4 cannot use 4G lte only can use 3g hspa when I switched it to 4G only the connection will auto stop... until now I only use 3g but my N910P always update cause my phone don't know what problem afterms update the sim lock again, go to ask service centre l, they cannot repair, they says not sim lock problem??????????

  • AnonD-697281

I bought my Note 4 at T-Mobile in November 2014. In 2016 I replaced the failing battery with an Anker replacement which has been excellent. I have had no significant problems with the phone as of September 2017. If I wanted to be picky, I'd mention that Google Maps is very confused for the first several minutes of trying to navigate (it's not something blocking the signal). Once it stops giving crazy, contradictory directions it works fine. Phone, texting, calendar and contact functions all work fine. No phone reception problems in metropolitan areas.

So will I get another Note? Nope, it's just too big and I never use the stylus. I'll get something a bit shorter, hopefully also with a microSD card.

  • AnonD-343972

I've found out why I had small glitches with soft keys not registering.

This ***ppy one month old device was DELAMINATING from day one. With delamination I mean the screen, with the attached display is SEPARATING from the main structure assembly where all the top sensors, the speaker, the bottom capacitive softkey sensors are housed.

Since it's effectively out of warranty (despite being 1 month old) I had to take care myself and used clear contact glue to stick the display back together. Delamination was becoming so bad that dust was accumulating inside the front sensors and front camera hole, and the display with cutouts for capacitive keys light was HOVERING the area 1 ore more millimeters raised from flat.... effectively requiring a double action to register the tap because I had first to depress the screen down enough, closer to the area where the capacitive sensor would sense enough to register my touch.

Bad.... I am disappointed.