Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Duos

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Duos

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  • AnonD-77892

TheNeighbor, 24 Oct 2014Your favorite brand, Apple's iPhone 6/6Plus are .02 W/KG SAR rat... moredon't even try to fool us by SAR stupidity. SAR has nothing to do with real life. SAR was nothing but approximation. US has their own SAR test but Europe has their own too. don't bother!

[deleted post]Your favorite brand, Apple's iPhone 6/6Plus are .02 W/KG SAR rating short of the maximum 1.6 allowed rating. That's 1.58 W/KG SAR out of the legal 1.6. My Note 3 only has a maximum of .9 W/KG SAR. A Note 4 is .88. A Note 4 Duos is 1.09.

So, WTF. You're here to vent out your jealousy.

  • syed

AnonD-260677, 23 Oct 2014send it in india. then see how it'll hit....... a flagship with... moreIt's right guess dude.

[deleted post]And here you are posting... Because Apple doesn't issue iPhones with dual SIM versions. LOL.

  • Anonymous

which country is this selling in ??

  • chin

Note 4 active, please!!!! :-(

  • AnonD-100958

[deleted post]Nice one

  • lost messiah

[deleted post] dont care

  • AnonD-181029

Samsung Galaxy S5 Duos LTE is availabke in pk
Samsung Galaxy N4 Duos LTE when is it availabke in pk?

  • Anonymous

It sucks the battery. Bttery capacity must be at lease 4000. Even lower brands are offering such capacity why Samsung not? Secondly, the screen size must be at lease 6inch.

  • AMIR

is it support 4g sim at same time? on both slot?
is it dual active or dual stand by?
im looking for phone that support 4g on both slot at same time. can you direct me?!

  • AnonD-260677

send it in india. then see how it'll hit.......
a flagship with dual sim ! jst awsome.

  • afzal

It is better to have dual micro sd slot

  • bledi

[deleted post]Hi i am wondering to buy blackberry passport of note 4. Doesnt note 4 worked fast why did it get stuck?

  • AnonD-55345

Is this available now in Saudi Arabia?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]That is in your opinion.
But in my opinion, it is very useful.
Data plan on regulat calling SIM card is more expensive than in data SIM card.
It is very useful while using the regular calling SIM card in one slot and the 4G data SIM card on the other slot.

  • Anonymous

Sammy plz just think by yourself is it that much necessary to release so many phone by every alternative days

  • AnonD-5276

Battery only 3000mah?

  • prince 341

Should b all over the world