Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • AnonD-53316

AnonD-20890, 21 Nov 2013Go to clock --> world clock and choose add city. Are you gett... moreNo

  • AnonD-20890

AnonD-53316, 21 Nov 2013Updated to 4.3, still no factory reset is required. Everything w... moreGo to clock --> world clock and choose add city. Are you getting any error (like 'unfortunately clock has stopped'?). Then tell the feedback.

  • AnonD-53316

Updated to 4.3, still no factory reset is required. Everything working fine clock, gallery. Loving the crisp display, Email, gallery, +, - brightness settings. Still a lot to explore '

  • ben

Where I tried to update it shows latest updates have been installed but I'm using can I get updated?

  • AnonD-20890

PerceptorA, 21 Nov 2013All the downloaded apps, contacts, messages and local stuff that... moreIf it (clock --> world clock --> add cities) is working in 4.1.2, then why can't in 4.3?.

  • AnonD-20890

Don, 21 Nov 2013@SUDHAKAR I never said i use the phone pls. Just observing you p... moreHow much hours battery backup time are you getting with yout phone­54.php ?.

I think it will not be as worst as this phone (N7100) !!!.

Read the main disadvantages of LG optimus G pro here :­904.php

  • moin shaikh

I am planning to buy this mobile note 2,but i got confuced which note has a better made in koria ya made in viatnam,
plz help me....thank's all.

  • AnonD-120709

Is it possible to insatall custom roms after upgrading to official 4.3(even if knox is not installed or activated).
Thks in advance.

  • ambience

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2013Ur telling liesIve just told my experience... what im gonna gain by giving wrong worked for me.. I downloaded from play store..

Don, 21 Nov 2013@NikiDroid your charging time is rather too long. It's either yo... moreWhile charging I frequently use it, but if say the most charging time is 4 hours and I began charge on 21.26 (14%) when I stop use it (without deliberately fall in sleep) on 22.30 for example, I woke up on 03.00 it's still less than 90%. The charger is still working fine. When I use Galaxy Ace 2, I counted on May 10, 2013 at 04.52 AM I charged Galaxy Ace 2 when it's 5%, fully charged at 08.06 AM (use it too when being charged).

The head of charger is retail package (from Samsung) when the smartphone was bought, while the USB cable is not original, itís from Power bank. The original USB cable is not good anymore, didn't want to charge.

  • Jacob

AnonD-139763, 21 Nov 2013hey, i just updated my Note II this morning. the most visible... moreThanx Mr.Varun for your information. I would like to know whether you upgraded thru wifi and did you do a factory reset before updating.Many users are facing probs after updating.Thanx.

  • AnonD-75353

My min. Ram usage after update is 1.14/1.74, it used to be 750/1.74


flash DN3 rom 4.3
butter smooth...
rock n role..

  • AnonD-208328

[deleted post]Its says Samsung wallet is incompatible with my device when i try to install it using laptop (Accessing play store via laptop ) & if i search it through mobile play store, it didn't show up. Do i need to format my device after updating android 4.3 ??

  • AnonD-75353

AnonD-143544, 21 Nov 2013what is the code for formatting phone memory of samsung galaxy n... moreNo code. Just go to Settings--> Backup and Reset--> Factory Data Reset.

  • AnonD-143544

what is the code for formatting phone memory of samsung galaxy note ll ?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Ur telling lies

  • AnonD-120709


I am not getting the OTA, so i tried to upgrade thru Kies and now it's displaying " Your current firmware version does not allow to upgrade via kies"
Any idea on this.

  • AnonD-208328

Hi, I just updated my note 2 to Android 4.3 without formatting it. It seems to work fine but i m unable to locate Samsung wallet app.Camera App is same as before & is without even Photosphere option which is a feature of Jellybean 4.2/4.3 i guess. UI seems to be changed a bit but i cant see any change in whether widget.Is there any problem with the update for I m facing these minor issues or is it becoz, i have not factory reset my phone.. Plz Help

  • Don

@ SUDHAKAR I never said i use the phone pls. Just observing you people and trying to improve my own device. I use LG optimus G pro by the way which is by far better than your note 2.