Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • Sss

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2013how to take screen shot on note dowload pics from twiite... moreTo download pic from fb, use internet browser to open fb, not thru fb app, and tap on pic which opens the pic and u will find above comments, view full it which will open pic only and at the same time will download the pic, notification will appear on screen. Just close the full pic window after.

  • Majed Abou Joud

very bad product since it stopped working, and it seems that there is a problem in the motherboard after 5 months of using only !!!! And this problem is the same for me, my brother and 2 other friends !!!
Don't buy it, and if you already have one, hurry up to sold or change it before crashing..

  • ensteyn

i bought it and it is wanderfull.and easy for use,alla programs here,you can relax with options of this phone,

  • GT-N7305

AnonD-140963, 30 Apr 2013Note 2 is best phone, no hanging in software,the only disadvanta... moreIt does have FM radio. As long as you are on stock or TouchWiz based rom.


  • Sss

AnonD-31227, 29 Apr 2013m from INDIA, m satisfied with everything, but after updating fo... moreCharge phone with original charger cable. It's quickest. Charging rate depends on charger cable.if problem change it.
Heat, not issue in note 2 except tango video calls

  • Sss

dineee, 30 Apr 2013hii I got thr update and installed it of 50 mb bt the heating is... moreInsert memory card , ext sd card with 8/ 16/ 32 gb to speed up the phone working space, move data as much as you can fr ph to ext sd card thru my files, select, move and paste.

Install avg antivirus and delete malware,

Delete unnecassary apps and files to speed up ph working rate if free space is getting low in storage in settings.
Change battery , spare one is cheap, about 7 us $.

Try those! At least your ph will work quicker.heat is not issue for note 2 unless u use tango video calls.

  • Sss

Christian A. Saputra, 01 May 2013Thx for info Mr. BUNYIP22. Is there any application that poss... moreTry application "app2SD pro" .
What i do is go to my files and open sd card, select whichever want to move and press move and then paste in destination folder in ext sd card. It works very well.

I moved data to and from sd to ext sd card when i factory reset my note 2 when attacked by virus.

  • Sss

ros, 01 May 2013im thinking to take note2 or s4, any suggestion ?Hi go for note 2 and you will not regret. Big screen matters when browsing, and using phone for almost all purposes and you may not need new features of s4 like smart pause which may even be confusing. 13 mp camera??? I think 8mp of note 2 may be more than enough and change to note3 which expected to have 13 mp camera.

Note 2 has better loading speed than i phone 4, 4 s when using tango video calls. Note 2 can give you live video calls.
Battery- very good and can use for usual calls for days.

  • Sss

I highly recommend this versatile phone.can load internet even in poor internet connection country and can also use tango video calls where you can see other side live, v few interruption. Big screen brings convenience for every use. Now it become my substitute of pc desktop computer.

S note is good enough to keep important points sheets. Several application works well and games?? high speed. V sensitve touch screen.
I use 16 gb one with ext sd card 32 gb. Works well.
Just 1 bad thing is can't set settings to always accept bluetooth file transfer, have to press accept every time. Use zapya.

  • AnonD-67893

L A, 03 May 2013I loving it too. Mine is rudy wine colour.I am using this beast 7 months now and not having a single problem, one of the best experience in IT. I don't think I will exchange it in near future, I think I will skip note 3 as well :D

  • benj

hi guys just a quick question, are all note 2 LTE ready?

  • L A

AnonD-127819, 02 May 2013I loved.It's very coolI loving it too. Mine is rudy wine colour.

  • nikson

actually no doubt i love it.... its been along with me since 3 months.3d games were downloaded ...i used to play sometimes. but now a day when the game is finished it appears in the captio that "your phone is effected by virus" the question is that....what should i do to overcome the sitution i mean how can i activate anti virus?????

  • AnonD-127819

I loved.It's very cool

  • O.o

AnonD-134015, 02 May 2013hey any one can help me by telling about battery life?? can it s... moreMore than 2 days.. with pretty intensive usage..
In my exp, watching 2 hrs movie with medium brightness setting would set you only 15% of battery life.

Have mine for like 5 months alrdy..

~~im lovin it~~ xD

  • AnonD-48321

This is by far the best android smartphone Samsung has ever produced to date ,Forget about the s4 it's pure rubbish .

  • jow

its the best phone to use ive been using it for 4 mnths now and i cant say anything but its gr8 but dnt consider chaging roms si u dnt lose the spen features

  • AnonD-77443

AnonD-68787, 02 May 2013New buyers wait 4 next note Sure, if you want to wait 6 months.... the note 2 is still one of the top phones around. Buy it then sell it in 6 months and get the note 3 if you want.

  • Mukesh

Best mobile phone from all respect:-)

  • AnonD-68787

New buyers wait 4 next note