Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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q-rious, 25 Mar 2013TheNeighbor, why u said galaxy note 3 using a OLED display inste... moreIt may be the new PHOLED screen that is more energy efficient than the current screen. It would make sense with it being full HD.

Some would go for the usual LCD variants as they want "reality" image rendering. The color saturation for OLED displays could be tuned down with settings, anyway. I still like the magazine-like coloring of my Super AMOLED over a TFT LCD that discolors at angled viewing like in the Xperia Z. The Super LCDs are better than TFT.

  • kenethic

clientelle, 25 Mar 2013@theneighbor, oh ok ty... note 8? is it the samsung tablet... moreGot mine Sandisk 64GB Ultra SHXC something like that hehehe,
which cost me around P2500 from a seller at TCP a few months ago. careful though coz a lot of rip offs/class A are floating around the grey market make sure you have an app that could test the read/write speed of the microSD, I think it should should be around 12MBPS maximum write speed for class 10 Ultra and 30MBPS max for read speed. For CLASS 10, just around 10mbps write speed. Mine is almost full (40GB) and never had any issues with slowdowns on accessing files on the SD card. I'm itching to root my precious Note2 device for directory binding but the 1 year Samsung warranty I have is making me difficult to go this route, also I fear the SDS issue would suddenly hit my phone, though my firmware has the latest update (4.1.2) which according to XDA the fix was included on those updates. Rooting reversible but with chances of a bricked phone not powering on for me to reverse the root/flash, I don't wanna take the risk. I used to root and flash custom ROMS on my Xperia phones (Ray and Arc S) both came from grey market.

AnonD-121248, 25 Mar 2013Actually...Rooting makes the cellphone more fast, as Android Ver... moreAnd you can entirely put back the entire original firmware to avail of your warranty.

  • kara

is 32gb variant available in india.

  • AnonD-121248

Agha Jameel, 25 Mar 2013Iam regreting not choosing Iphone 5 instead of NOTE 2 coz when i... more@ Agha Jameel:

Did someone say, You are using Iphone4 or Iphone4s seeing your Iphone5?

Same goes with Note 2 and other phabets. Thanks

  • AnonD-121248

Actually...Rooting makes the cellphone more fast, as Android Version used in Samsung/HTC bundles it with their custom applications. Real Taste of android is alot faster than what we see.

Rooting gives you a chance of getting a good rom and removes those bundle softwares, which uses unnecessary RAM(Processes and Threads).

Plus rooting gives your privlege rights. It's either way good or bad.

On the other way rooting can make your cellphone slow if you chooses wrong Custom ROM.

It's always advised to select ROM from good sources like Sammobile / androidcommunity.

Take notes from xda. They are really good in providing information about Custom ROMs and ways of Rooting the cellphone.

P.S: Rooting makes the warranty void. Thanks

  • q-rious

TheNeighbor, why u said galaxy note 3 using a OLED display instead of AMOLED display ? Could u give a brief explaination for that ? Thanks in advance..

  • noted

At last it's out of top 8
Bye note2

Welcome note3

Waiting for note3

  • tush_darlene

Would have been nicer with a profound call feature.I can't make straight calls

  • Anonymous

AnonD-121248, 24 Mar 2013If you are new to android then don't root the phone. You might b... morehi friends is rooting makes the mobile slow

  • nicky

clientelle, 24 Mar 2013hey guys, my friends note 2 says it was made in vietnam for s... morejust don't don't worry about where it is from, just only assemble, the quality is keep the same as made in Korea.

  • Nicky

I just replace my S3 to note 2, it is sososo great.
Note 2 is so amazing, cos with its speed, and great look. big and easy to do searching on it. i like it.

  • Agha Jameel

Iam regreting not choosing Iphone 5 instead of NOTE 2 coz when i bought note 2 i didn't knew sam is working on a cheaper and identical version of it known as the Galaxy Grand....huh..!!! my face turns red when some one says...."hey is this Grand" atleast should have changed the shape of it... first it was identical to S3 now this Grand..... Iam really cautious now buying high end Samsung devices coz I don't want to buy a very expensive phone which will probably have an Identical cheap fellow in couple of days...

Note III most likely with a "latest" 5.9" OLED screen. Functionality the priority with the S Pen. Any other extra features like longer battery stamina a bonus.

  • AnonD-53316

Well just found the best battery saver which is working smoothly and superbly. Deep Sleep Battery Saver Pro. I got a standby discharge of 2% in 5 hours during night time, and overall increase in battery is huge.

  • Yoe Yar

clientelle, 24 Mar 2013hey guys, my friends note 2 says it was made in vietnam for s... moreYeah
Note is manufactured in many countries. including Vietnam.

It is genuine I think.

Kamote, 25 Mar 2013My phone was also bound for Middle East. How did you change the ... moreThe firmware you have for the Note II is just fine. The only reason why I changed was to update from my rooted 4.1.1 to the new 4.1.2 firmware - and then rooted it again. I just want a rooted Samsung Touchwiz firmware. The root gives my Note II extra capabilities than the regular restricted intentions of Samsung. Without a root, I can't erase or freeze some of the useless systems apps, or save complete apps data states.

Specific Samsung firmwares can be downloaded from Their sizes are usually 1GB+ worth. I used the utility program called Odin via PC to install it. You need to research how to do everything or you end up with a "bricked" device.

  • Kamote

TheNeighbor, 25 Mar 2013It doesn't matter. Mine says Vietnam. This was meant for UAE, w... moreMy phone was also bound for Middle East. How did you change the firmware for unlock version for the Phil.? Need help. Hahah.

clientelle, 25 Mar 2013@theneighbor, by the way, just much would the n... moreThe class is indicated on the packaging. Don't get from CDR King. Anything from there will only last about a year!

There is no pricing yet for the Note 8 and release is about late April. Definitely will get it as I see it as a portable Wacom Cintique to be doing some more digital paintings.

  • clientelle


by the way, just much would the note 8 costs?