Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • siddhss

tz, 05 Sep 2012Is the battery removable, replaceable, and if so will an ex... more3100 mha....battery means....12 hrs for 3g....19 hrs for 2g.....24hrs...talktime and 40 hrs for standby mode....

  • AnonD-27473

I don't think the quad-core processor with android OS can beat the dual-core processor with IOS…It seems like samsung is forcing the android OS with much more powerfull processor to run as fast as IOS.
Android is the WEAKEST OS that I have tried until today. I have a lot of lagging problem about the android phones…doesn't matter it is samsung phone or sony phone.
Android SUCKS!!!

  • coaster

tz, 05 Sep 2012Is the battery removable, replaceable, and if so will an ex... moreFrom the screenshots I would say that the battery is removeable because it blocks the sim card in once inserted. Dont know about the extended battery tho

  • tay

so note 2 is 4g ?

  • Alee

Samsung still using 8mp camera for its flagship pathetic.

  • kristompel

When will Samsung Release Black version? Hurry up Samsung...Note II in Black Please?

  • Idaho

[deleted post]
really ! but Sony and BB smartphones has the worst battery problems ,shortest battery shield life among all the populars mobile phone brands.
... top secret, proof by world technical geeks.

Don’t worry ,the real king "Lumia 920" is arriving and everyone has to made ways for thee.

  • Ron

what should I buy S3 or galaxy note 2?

  • Amol

Does it have normal sim?

  • AnonD-70170

improve battery quality & this phone with dual sim

  • Anonymous

lol look at that scandal of lies, finally truth was revealed about nokia ( that is how know respects customers) :

  • MOTU

i feel great if it would have come with dual sim

  • Robbie

When an we get duo - sim versions of these smart phones. I have 2 phones on the go, and although I am keen on the Note II, pocket space is a premium.

  • Aumar Dotarot

I want this Phone this December 2012 for my Birthday.

And I will have it because I will work harder just to get this soon.

I Think in detailed comparison this device is the best among other smartphones like apple =))

  • rovert

nothing new, same old specs

  • Kh.Monower Ali Munna

The software developer (Google) never pays much attention on the calling feature, they always trying to develop on Camera, video and other feather.

There are lacking in the calling feature of Android OS such as diverted call notification just flashing but people need a permanent sign of incoming diverted notification as well as block call sign on the Android mobile.

So, please issue an update to resolve the above mentioned solution

Thank you

[deleted post]You are paid to do this?

AnonD-70136, 06 Sep 2012Plz make the following update in config. It wil b superb m... moreNote 3 will have more than these features next year. For now the Note 2 is awesome.

  • AnonD-70136

Plz make the following update in config.
It wil b superb mobile
1) Primary 10 MP, 4000x3000 pixels ( which wil b equal to Nikon Camera)
2) Secondary Camera 2 MP. (1.9 looks very odd)
3) CPU Quad-core 2 GHz if it can b done (equal yto comp).
4) Standard battery, Li-Ion 4000 mAh as in Tab
5) Release in atleat in 5 diff colors like green, orange, pink, purple, gold etc ( Light emitting colors). Seeing only Black & White mobiles in market has been bored. So wann color change.

All other specifications r superb and perfect.
If the above changes r made, It wil b a perfect ultimate one.