Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • Zaf

no amoled plus... go to hell samsung!!

  • Babybear

Let's see what iPhone 5 brings to the table, other wise I'm going with this.
It's the dawning of a new era with everything on 1 device mobile,tab & laptop !

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2012why boost with samsung who manufacture expensive phones that bea... moreWhat are you talking about?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2012Optimus TRUE HD IPS DISPLAY IS FAR BETTER. than samsung super am... moreYou are right. . But in terms of speed , procesing samsungs are far better than lg , htc or even sony (in android makers) afterall they use exynos

and if ur talking about camere then iphone 4s and xperia s (even one x) is better than s3, . But it don't meant that it's bad phone


Need projector and 12MP to make it Top of the TOPS

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]why boost with samsung who manufacture expensive phones that bearly last 3 months? Stop wasting your your money.

  • dmanzo

Congrats samsung. Good thinking good product.
Please make the camera 12MP.
Am already using note II, and it is magnificent. I look forward to to get the note II.

  • AnonD-68951

why gsmarena ranged samsung that produce everyday mobile as second in the tall bar and nokia that dosent produce any new mobile as first

  • AnonD-62493

galaxy S3 on Steroids

  • AnonD-68951

it is the same samsung galaxy note there is no changes in the desgin but he specifications changed and became MOre than wonderful

  • AnonD-68951

The specifications are more than wonderful Android v4.1 jelly bean Camera 8 mp but there is a problem than samsung made the same design of samsung galaxy note and all samsung galaxy ace are the same design there is no new design some samsung mobiles have new designs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AnonD-68955

Spencer , 30 Aug 2012Does it comes with S-Voice if not is is dumbo phone..Whats the u... moreIt comes with both S-Voice and Google's own Voice Search. I saw it in the video presentation, it's there in the menu

  • Hadi

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2012Its a thing of beauty! Go samsung and android, at least you show... moreWhat kind of shit innovation Samsung has brought today? Increasing screen size? Faster CPU? You really call this shit inovations? Grow up people. Tune up for Sep iPhone release and I tell what a real inovations means.

  • Zipher

I personally feel they should have got a 12mp camera. But if i look at the point of view of samsung, If this had a 12 mp camera...then the sales of galaxy s 3 would have gone down completely.....So i dont mind...I am happy the LTE is supported on 2100mhz...Because me being in UK thts the frequency on which LTE would be available with 800Mhz... The one upgrade that i was hopin for in this fone was Support foe DC-HSPA 42mbps...So disappointed with that...

  • Diana

kerry, 29 Aug 2012The camera should be 12mpAgreed !

  • Max

I think even 5mpx is absolutely adequate. Megapixels only determine the size of the photo, not the quality. Id be absolutely satisfied with 5mpx camera with better quality lens and sensor.


we want (black) colour

  • cheni

android 4.1 = no flash player?

  • Kapil

Agree that the Camera should be 12MP. With quad core CPU, expecting 12MP is in fact very less. Also it should be dual sim. Another thing missing is Pico projector.

  • Anonymous

the camera quality on galaxy handsets are very poor.the quality is not gud like nokia and sony camera