Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100

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  • Anonymous

most of Samsung mobile phone's
GPRS= Class 12 & EDGE= Class 12 or yes.i think upgrade it's GPRS = Class 33 & EDGE = will be better for internet.

  • iHATER

most of ppl.who dont know about tech r commenting foolishness on thz forum... first of its not a true flagship from samsung coz whatever the new tech they invent or innovate, that comes in their true flagship phones n thats the galaxy s series lineup, not the note 2... remember note 1 which has only a minor upgrade over S2 while S3 is big upgrade over S2 as well as note 1 same way S4 will be bigger upgrade over S3 n note 2 but note 2 is not the major upgrade over S3 n thz z reason behind that... note that the note devices r for ppl who love bigger screens n is just a bigger version of S series wid slight more power but S series alwaz gets new tech.... i own note 1 though i wanted to buy S2 at that time but i really liked tge size of note tats y i got it well that individual opinion n nw m lookin forward to upgrade it to note 2... if u want big heavy processor then go buy i7 powered lappy or a big cam then buy a DSLR coz i guess 8 mpx is more than enough on a smartphone if it have a good lens n sensor... also u can check S3's cam is way better than S2's cam though both have 8 mp cam u know y?? the mpx doesnt matters here only lens n sensor matters... hope u understood what it is all about but u fellas will still cry about u dont get a perfrct smartphone for u.... wake up n live in real world.. its not ur dream which thz world z goin to offer to u..

  • eric10234

Nexus, 29 Aug 2012GSM arena which Super Amoled is that? is it Super Amoled HD pent... moreIts PenTile. Samsung has said that the AMOLED+ used in S2 has lower lifespan. Whether that is true or there are other reasons behind it, I don't know. But, I don't think they'll use it any more.

  • Samsung Galaxy Note

i dont like colors Titanium Gray so sucksss

  • Anonymous

I hate s-pen but I like the all-in-one phoneblet design!

  • Anonymous

is there a flashplayer in the note 2


Does this have a "neutered" microSD slot like the SGSIII does too ?

I know on the SGSIII it won't read certain formats of filesystems. Is this the case on the galaxy note II and I as well ?

  • ace

if you want a professional camera then by a digital camera. I think a 8MP camera is way more than enough to be a feature for a phone. why would you like a greater MP for a phone? will you took it and paste it in a cinema? what a waste in memory...greed is not good either.

  • ifonly

i really like this phone, too bad it doesn't have a 1700/2100 frequency or ill make my whole family switch to it, !

  • Anonymous

great job Samsung!

  • afiq.s

kerry, 29 Aug 2012The camera should be 12mpGet a dslr

  • afiq.s

Optimus G? Ur kidding me guys, if lg is better,why they cant be no 1 , u cnt have 2gb ram with small bttery.

  • x3mer

Are you kidding me!? This phone was famous last year by the highest resolution at the market (and significantly above S2's 800x480) and not just that you didn't improve it, you made it lower even than its predecessor! Unnecessary +1gb of ram, same gpu and a minor battery improvement. Nice work, i'm keeping the old one for a looong time i guess.

  • tom

it looks almost identical to the s3...

  • Xperia Nexus

Anonymous, 29 Aug 2012Optimus TRUE HD IPS DISPLAY IS FAR BETTER. than samsung super am... moreTo be honest you're right. But don't forget that Samsung has better Hardware even Apple iPhone 25% of the internal hardware made by samsung.

  • AnonD-68909

the new ipad mini

  • lucian

the new ipad mini

  • AnonD-32672

I owned samsung, i own a samsung phone but this.. was really disappointing. I was waiting to get rid of that button. specs..a joke..pure s3 copy..there is something else..getting more and more complicated..more like business class.

  • hemahazem

when arrived in middele east

  • fredde

8 mp is too high, the higher the mp is the smaler the dots that take in light are on the CCD and the harder it will get to have god photo in bad light. If you need 8 or more MP get a real Camera with a CCD at least over 2*2 cm