Samsung Galaxy On5

Samsung Galaxy On5

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  • Anonymous

i need to instaled google play for this model,if you want how can you teell me?Thanks!

  • AnonD-622609

Please, someone, i need the file vold.fstab for this model

  • Anonymous

Does this phone get good services in the 76680 area?

  • jynx1974

AnonD-621447, 16 Dec 2016I suggest this phone to good taking the processor and look into ... moreYou have a point there, the internal memory does fill up rather quickly

  • NaomiL

The SIM card size you have on here is wrong. This phone uses a nanoSIM and not a microSIM. This is frustrating since I referenced this when I bought a different phone which actually has a microSIM and was confused when they didn't match up.

  • AnonD-621447

I suggest this phone to good taking the processor and look into account. But the RAM and internal memory is not sufficient according to price. I suggest to go for Samsung on 7 or Samsung on 5 pro instead of Samsung on 5. I suggest this because I have been using it for 1 and half year.

  • rup

how to install theme on galaxy this phone dnt have theme store preloaded..??


a good bettry backup and nevar hang

  • AnonD-340234

AnonD-340234, 14 Dec 2016Whats new in New Update?After update battery draining fast.

  • AnonD-340234

jobab , 14 Dec 2016This phone otg support or noYes

  • MF khan

Hey guys i am buying samsung on5 this cellphone is awesome .superb battery life . This phone is betterthan j2

  • AnonD-340234

rushi, 13 Dec 2016new update 223.47 mb Whats new in New Update?

  • jobab

This phone otg support or no

  • america

I buy a phone but the keyboard is Chinese. how I can turn to Spanish or ingles

  • AnonD-620306

Dudi, 11 Dec 2016This stupid Fone whenever I log in my Google account the stupid ... moreHad the same problem from around the same date. My on5 was freezing whenever i turned on data. Took it to the service provider where i bought it from and they downloaded for me new firmware. Its now working fine.

  • Raman

rushi, 13 Dec 2016new update 223.47 mb Ya good update

  • tinman

AnonD-614789, 28 Nov 2016I filed a clsim through my phones insurance. I checked what phon... morehave had my on5 for 3 months good phone great features only wish battery life was better other than that I love my phone

  • rushi

new update 223.47 mb

  • Anonymous

My old phone had more features. I prefer a phone with unlimited minutes and people who understood English.

  • KLN72

Why does the front face camera suck so much? Very dark horrible on regular or Snapchat. Worse purchase ever, and low memory