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  • somu

Hey gyz......plz tell me when marshmallow version upgradable in this mobile........Galaxy on5...😭😭😭

  • AnonD-340234

AnonD-515996, 31 Jul 2016where the hell is the marshmallow update ...ota its nw a month b... moreYes! Where are ota update samsung tell us

  • AnonD-515996

where the hell is the marshmallow update ...ota its nw a month before update started on smartswitch and also rom uploaded on still no updates 😯

  • AnonD-277720

AnonD-340234, 30 Jul 2016When update will be available mm on ON5. Anyone knows aboutthisupdateWhen all the planets of the universe falls in a straight line Samsung will release the mm update ota, till the enjoy the waiting and by the way it happens only in every 50000 years and so does the samsung updates.

  • AnonD-340234

When update will be available mm on ON5.
Anyone knows aboutthisupdate

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jul 2016Please help! I don't know if I should get the Samsung Galaxy Gra... moreThe on5 is like an updated prime the screen is HD and the camera is 1080p the battery is bigger too plus you get 6.0.1 update out the box

  • Anonymous

AnonD-562017, 19 Jul 2016The LG k7 doesn't have a compass or gyroscope either. So between... moreThe k10 would be the best option for pogo but the galaxy on5 is the better phone

  • AnonD-515996

AnonD-396401, 30 Jul 2016When when when mm update will arrive.god knows broo... waiting

  • AnonD-396401

When when when mm update will arrive.

  • jeeva STR

which mobile is better to use samsung j2 or samsung on5 or samsung on7
plz tel me guy's

  • AnonD-565715

I just got the On5 at a Tmobile store today 7/28. About half an hour after purchasing the phone did an automatic update to the 6.0.1.

  • Mock1njay

I just got it 3 days ago. It's nice but how do I put a ringtone for a person, well can you do that? Also does this have a clipboard?

  • Anonymous

Please help! I don't know if I should get the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime or this phone! (I'm not really good when it comes to these things!)

  • AnonD-515996

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2016I got marshmallow on mine right out of the box and it works great.which on5 indian varient or metro pcs?

  • AnonD-218615

I have the On5 for a week now and I have to say that it is a very good budget phone. I went with Metro PCS on a switch deal and got the On5 for FREE! The audio in the earpiece and the speakerphone is superb. I like the "extra volume" feature especially in outdoor settings.

The HD display is pretty good for a TFT display. The responsiveness of the touch screen is laggy sometimes. But it is not an AMOLED display, so it is good enough. The battery lasts longer than I expected. I still have about 80% at days end with light to moderate usage.

The phone did freeze on me once so far, I will continue to monitor. The headphone audio with the supplied music effects is nice sounding with my music or on I-Heart. The camera is a bit better than previous phones with a 5 MP Main and 2 MP front selfie, I need to play with the camera some more.

Overall, I am pleased with the phone. I elected to get a screen protector and a hard case which I recommend since the On5 does not have Gorilla Glass. There is no notification LED, but there is a camera flash and vibrate feature for notifications. I hope this helps you out. Thank you.

  • papu

I am talking with Samsung live chat they told that on5 user surely get marshmallow update as soon as possible.

  • Anonymous

I got marshmallow on mine right out of the box and it works great.

  • sumit kaushal

very good smartphone for all types I used this device from over 6 months good battery back up great capturing capacity on camera nice look into think non of android of this range is good as it

  • AnonD-564395

[deleted post]I am asking for the same i didnt received any update.

  • amit

guys i want to know that when will come (Marshmallow) in samsung galexy on 5 ..plz help me..