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  • Anonymous

The other comments aren't kidding. This thing is starved for processing power and storage space. Comes bloated as is usual, and you can turn off whatever you want, and the available space is still pitiful. I turned off EVERYTHING that wasn't essential, run CCleaner every time I turn the screen on, and it still complains about "Not enough space/limited functionality".

Sound quality is good, when it's not dropping your calls. Full service? Yep. Wifi call capable? Sure. Drops you 3 minutes into the call, and sometimes won't let you call at all due to "Service Unavailable" BS? Yes....

I chose this phone bc I don't want a huge device stuck in my pocket all day. If I want to look at a large screen, I'll use my laptop or tablet.

Avoid at all costs. If you get it as a prepaid bc it's cheap and gets you by, that's different. If you're paying good money for a contract and this phone is in your hand, gently, no, FORCEFULLY put this back on the shelf, and walk away from it.

  • Solomon

I got this Galaxy On5 phone for free from Net10. Unable to make SD card storage into internal storage. Not sure about the signal strength in remote areas. Does anyone know how to make the portable media into internal storage!

  • Anonymous

I got this phone free from Net10 and it does not pick up in areas (out of service range) in areas that my phone that was five years old picked up. Very disappointed. I am going to get my old phone reactivated

  • AnonD-660325

I got this phone absolutely free from Net10. I was suspicious as there is no such thing as free, this wasn't any different. It is unusable. It has 8gb of on board memory and almost every kb is used with Samsung bloat wear. You cannot remove it. There is an option to add an sd card, however this added sd card cannot be formatted as internal memory. This option is removed from the version of Marshmellow. Also none of the apps can be moved to the SD card. So even as a free device it is worthless. It is Net10s attempt to get a user like me, one that has brought there own phone into their restrictive set of rules. Also removed is the ability to share a wifi hot spot. In conclusion do not get this phone even if offered for free. Huge let down, but FREE? I should have known better.

  • DarkKnight666

To above saying there's no room for apps. Get APK to SD or root your device and delete all the bullshit bloat apps

  • Bob

This is a good phone but it does have very low memory. But the video quality is actually 720p

  • AnonD-658310

Not a bad phone for the price. You guys act like its a $500 phone. I payed $29.99u.s. it works perfectly! I put a 16gb micro sd in it and formated it into the memory. Yes there are a lot of useless apps taking up space.i do have to clear cache often. Im gonna do a root soon. use this to learn how.

  • TimothyK

This is NOT a Smart Phone! There is NO room in this phone for ANY aps it is 90% full when starting out. (with non removable useless Apps) YES you can upgrade the memory up to 128GB SD card. But after you do you find out that MOST apps can not be moved to the sd card. Also you will not be able to install a new app if the 8gb is full. Why have upgradeable memory if it useless! It's Moronic for ALL Samsung phones to not set the memory to be automatically used instead of a 10 step process to MOVE an app. Could it be worse? Ya, if the phone blew up! Samsung probable NOT my next choice. It is only useful as a child's basic phone. save your money and buy a better phone.

  • Ace

This phone Def is a starter phone for a 11 yr old! The 8gbs isn't enough,I purchased a 64gb card and it will not let me make it the default memory! Camera isnt good pixel strength! But on a,good note ( lol) its,a cheap phone to purchase as you save for the iphone7!! Good luck!!

  • BrandonT800

Anonymous, 14 Jan 2017Just bought the on5 is it vr capableI have the Galaxy On5 as well. It's not VR capeable as I have tried it. However, you can still watch VR videos on YouTube. You just cant move around.

  • At3

The galaxy on5 is crap. The camera stinks on the metropcs version, over half the advertised 8gb internal storage, on this one, is taken up by system memory, which you can't view or interact with. I have deleted, uninstalled, or turned off everything but essentials that I could and with 0 self-installed applications I still don't have room to install a system cleaner that's 400mb in size, so what exactly is that 4gb of system memory composed of? I hate hidden crap. Also, this my warranty replacement as every time I hit the up arrow to input a capital letter the keyboard frezes for up to 15 seconds them as often as not the keyboard simply disappears and I have to start over, it has done this as many as 4 times consecutively, the same issue I had with this phones predecessor. This phone is crap.

  • Sa

I despise this phone. I'm taking it back. No useful memory- camera totally stinks lag time bad to get the pic I want. I can't find enough bad words to describe this phone

  • B

L, 12 Mar 2017 idk if bought it yet but dont just dont this phone is crap Im ... moreIt may sometimes crash apps when screen turn like games or programs that have rotate options
if you play summoners for ecample war and someone calling or send you a msg a boc will pop up when it says the phone/massages crashed

  • Anonymous

best mobile ever using from last 1 year,Didnt find even single problem even after several incident

  • Abdul Aziz

Ayush, 23 Feb 2017Does it support 4G calling or Volte?Volte

  • L

Nee, 09 Mar 2017Do you think it's the phone or network? Just curious because I w... more idk if bought it yet but dont just dont this phone is crap
Im using it right now because i have nothing else this is shit

  • Nee

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2017Agreed. Total piece of shit. Tons of connection issues. Can't d... moreDo you think it's the phone or network? Just curious because I was going to get this phone!

  • guambom

kim , 09 Feb 2017Where do u get micro sim cardpretty much anywer ebay amazon walmart

  • MrBillionz

This phone is pretty crappy. I have too many connection problems with my YouTube app. It's so needy for storage (8GB).

Pathetic phone, trade it in for something else.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2017Agreed. Total piece of shit. Tons of connection issues. Can't d... moreMake sure to turn your mobile data on