Samsung Galaxy On5

Samsung Galaxy On5

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  • Naresh

Hi, Does this mobile supports international SIM cards? Many thanks in advance.

  • kit

satu, 08 Nov 2015can downladed apps be installed on sd card how is the front camera and how is the internet speed and ya how are apps like instagram watsap fbworking

  • bhoju

this mobile is avalible in store?????

  • Anonymous

what are comparable phones to on5 ?

what is the camera quality ?

  • Poop Master

Will it get marshmallow ???

  • sony

hello friends.even i am waiting commence about Samsung Galaxy on5.

  • parsu

Hey guys, should I buy this phone or not?

  • Poop Master

Xee, 15 Nov 2015J2 vs on5... On5 appears good in term of camera, RAM and bat... moreWtf. U just said wifi direct missing. Man. Shit. But spec says it is there. Have u bought it ? Omg.

  • Hmm

Too slow in posting important comments.......I'm going to buy one between on5 & moto g2 this week...........need some suggestions and look how this site just can't post my comments's been over 24 hrs.......who's the moderator btw...??

  • abd

samadhan, 12 Nov 2015Just awesome. Go for it. How is camera quality?

  • PRP

Can anyone who is using it post a geniune review about this phone

  • Kkiran

Awesome phone under 9k,comperasing to j5,almost good features ,nice look ,

  • BiG DaddY

Goku, 12 Nov 2015No phone seems to match my needs. Actually, i want a smartphone... moreXiaomi mi4i

  • Xee

J2 vs on5...

On5 appears good in term of camera, RAM and battery but
But it doesnt have

Wifi direct

  • bittu

Loki, 14 Nov 2015Samsung galaxy on5 vs motorola moto g2................plz sugges... moreon5

  • sik

MOLECULE, 13 Nov 2015Hmm j5 is not that good when it is compared to On5!J5 has a sma... morethe bettery and storage is exactly same in both phone..dnt post wrong information

  • Heeeeee

iwant, 27 Oct 2015as on october 27, 2015 any updates that it has a FM RADIO? has fm radio with recording

  • sufeee crz

i don't like because this same features on j5 and it's led display but on 5 is not an lcd display

  • sam

When itz available in bangladesh!

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