Samsung Galaxy On5

Samsung Galaxy On5

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this galaxy-exynos 3475 we know for a fact that S3 has an Exynos and beaten iPhone then 2600mAh batt, 1.5Ram,samsung loves this 1.5ram we don't know why, to be honest and also 288ppi infact 294ppi is better, overall this is a killer one a more positive approach to users who looks for a decent phone which it will not left them out in mainstream device

  • HeY

Specs can't be lower than that, but enough for most who would otherwise buy chinese phones. Very cheap, a brand name, and 5" screen: that is what most people want.
Not everybody needs and can buy an S6...
Samsung, a phone for everybody !

  • surfer

anyone plz comment if the OS is upgradable to android 6.0

  • AnonD-272027

Does the capacitive have light on ? Menu and back?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2015Quite different actually. Its nothing like the grand prime.... moreNo. It is not Tizen OS but Android

  • moi

Its same as j5 bt the difernce is amoled display nd th camers is 8mp.1.3 procesr no mr dfrnc

  • AnonD-234645

Sebstin, 13 Oct 20151GB RAM @end of 2015?.. Thats horrible.. Why even they rele... moreSimple. because it's ENTRY. people would laugh if they will create 0.5 GB, so they wre kind and TRIPLED the RAM to 1.5... as for the Storage. for someone who doesn't need a lot of apps. I guess 8 GB is enough.
I got a G4, FYI.

  • AnonD-234645

jin kazama, 13 Oct 2015why do they even care to release phones like these, with in... moreActually. Whatsapp consumes at TOP mere 35 MB ram. aside of that. it's an entry phone. I am disappointed that 8 GB storage and 4 GB options are even EXIST! but CONSIDERING this is an entry phone. meh. I can live with it. as it can be a secondary.

  • AnonD-234645

8 GB storage? Be sensible! ;_;
ATLEAST 16 for this thing.

  • BEN

hossein, 21 Oct 2015it's weak phone why don't relase s6 mini ?Exatcly i am waiting for s6mini

  • AnonD-136562

Same phone in new name!

  • hikadhi

hehehehe its s2 only difference is android version

  • Anonymous

Come on Samsung, seriously ?? whadafug were you thinking ??

  • Anonymous

Great job Samsung!!! Loving the design but spec with tft screen not soo good but since its from Samsung I will get it

  • Anonymous

I like this phone and its better than the GrandPrime :D

  • Anonymous

ssbatman21, 12 Oct 2015cortex a7...????? in 2015....???? really samsung...???But the exynos chipset is better than sd400

  • hossein

it's weak phone
why don't relase s6 mini ?

  • Anonymous

ahmad hloo, 13 Oct 2015 it is as same as grand primeQuite different actually. Its nothing like the grand prime. 1.3 quad core is a different processor. Also its tizen os. Samsungs own android os.

  • ahmad hloo

it is as same as grand prime

  • passer

looking like 2014 xiaomi redmi 2015 october alrdy