Samsung Galaxy On7

Samsung Galaxy On7

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  • Anonymous

Battery is long lasting from the first 5 months my father bought it. I hate it because when dropped the skin layer of the phone color removes. The samsung logo on the back fades away. The camera isnt good, it's really expensive for a not good phone, dont buy it

  • G

It's a good phone but low storage, i've been using it for 4years? hmmm. maybe 5yrs without any repair. just don't over charge bacause your battery might be deffective

  • PIKO

I have been using it for more than 4 years now. It has very less amount of storage in the internal memory. More than half of internal storage is filled up with bloatwares, rest few internal memory isn't enough to intall more than 5-6 apps. And there is no way to intall or move apps to memory card. It's verry annoying that keeps showing notification "Your phone is runnig out of storage" while I barely have any pics and videos in my internal storage. If you are ok with it then it's a nice phone to make calls and sending texts like a feature phone and watch movies and listen to videos.

  • Felicia Devanboo

Very good one. Love it. Using it since Jan 2016. Best recommended

  • Hariharan

Great phone brought in NOV 2015 still i am using same.Till now no any repair

Nice mobile from samsung - but batttery is getting dry on 55%

  • devil27

I buy this on december 2015, and still using this phone, for 5 years still useable, hahah😂 but laggy

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Jul 2020 Useless phone . Don't buy . I have this . I am tellin... morepls is the screen touch available

  • Anonymous

Useless phone . Don't buy . I have this . I am telling after using it.

  • deva

its so annoying phone i couldn't use it for google store or gmail its so bullshit
i recomend you not to buy this phone

  • po

Must have fingerprint. at least its feature of modern phones. try to stay put.

  • Yashmit

I would take a better phone

  • Anonymous me

MAY, 27 Apr 2018can not download and install "google play tore" on above de... moreThere is no "Play tore" yet that's why..XD

  • Annie

Why every SD card I put on the Mobile shows memory card corrupted

  • mawia

Wher is Play Store?40 ??

  • Nilesh Kushwah

Nice Mobile only one problem internal memory 8 GB

  • Jay

I have on7 since 2016 and i don’t have any issue until now.

shine, 24 Sep 2018Galaxy on7 Is it smart phone? No, Because on7 storage perf... moreThis phone is from 2015!!! What do you expect? And for the others - you can't expect updates for the phone that old!

  • Anonymous

One of the shit storage only 8gb biggest shit

  • shine

Galaxy on7
Is it smart phone? No, Because on7 storage performence is 0%. On7 maker brainless. i not approve samsung on7. This is not handset. Real this is toy.

  • tatian

This phone can be upgrade to 7.0?