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Samsung Galaxy On7

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  • AnonD-461229

hello my dear friend i am haroon rashidh

Not only samsung
most of the device
on the box itself they mention it
can use all indian sim

but please don't get any confusion
If you buy a new mobile and inserting a abroad network sim (Australian network sim)
the phone will automatically unlocked

so buy a new samsung mobile
use in india atleast 7 days to 10 days

after then you can use any country sim
to your phones
and your phone won't lock

  • Rekha

Really disappointed with d camera n performance. Pls don buy this... even my previous model galaxy s duos s much better..

  • RAG'S

in this device ..4g supportable or not....

  • Shiva kumar

Nithya, 02 Mar 2016Really it's so so bad..worst case..can't able to update apps..ea... moreNever happened to mine...don't know whats wrong...

  • Shiva

ram, 02 Mar 2016Is it supports compass?Really good

  • Shiva kumar

Hi, I guess SAMSUNG ON7, as in the box it is mentioned that it works for Indian SIM only, is this phone locked and can only be used in India, can't this be used in Australia?
I heard this can be unlocked abroad too, is it true? Please help!

  • jk

cs, 23 Feb 2016Otg support? yes

  • saravanan

hai i bought samsung galaxy on 7 mobile,
one simcard slot is not working properly.
what i do

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Feb 2016I replace the phone 4 time and facing the same problem in every ... moreCan you please elaborate, what was the issue?

  • AnonD-510022

Sabujsarkar0, 02 Mar 2016How's the battery performance?If your are a game lover and play games for 2-3 hrs a day or more and simultaneously stay online in 3G or 4G , then you need to charge it every other day. Else if you are online and don't play large games, then the battery sulport is more than 1 and half day...

  • AnonD-510022

shinu, 02 Mar 2016Shall we insert 2 sims an dmemory card all at a time? or there i... moreThere is one slot separately for micor sim and the other slot is beside it. On the top its for the SD card and below that there is a slot for the second micro sim.

  • AnonD-510022

I bought this Samsung Galaxy On7 online from Flipkart. About the phone- Nice Look, Great 5.5 inches display, Good Battery Backup and Smooth screen touch..

But, was disappointed when I used the Rear Camera, claims to be 13MP Autofocus, but not upto the mark. The back cover is very thin and not so Durable...The mobile gets heated when you view videos online. Sound quality is average...I don't know of there is a problem with my handset or really Samsung did a such a blunder.

  • Nithya

Really it's so so bad..worst case..can't able to update apps..each time it get download again again..and say can't able to update..due to low internal storage

  • Max

D, 25 Feb 2016On7 is very good handset.. No lagging..just go for it dear frien... moreThks for the suggestion. ......

  • jAydeep

chiranjib kumar, 25 Feb 2016on7 is the best,wow,nice & beautiful set.No better life

  • shinu

Shall we insert 2 sims an dmemory card all at a time? or there is one slot for sim and other slot is for either microsim or sd card?

  • Sabujsarkar0

How's the battery performance?

  • ram

Is it supports compass?

  • Rg

it has ips lcd or nt.

  • AnonD-432098

Kingdomates, 29 Feb 2016This mobile had heating problem if i play no lnternet connection... moreNo, in my handset there is no issue of heating. Even not in gaming and 3g network.