Samsung Galaxy On7

Samsung Galaxy On7

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  • Anonymous

Make so many models, and use leftovers of them to create A to Z series. Bullshit phone not even an Amoled. Useless specs still they rid sell a million pcs. We are idiots who keep on buying them. Enough is enough!

galaxy On series are we moving backwards or you just plainly go with or it was a mistake to label the On5 into On7 or On7 into On5, or an intrigue...

  • Unlocked

This is a joke or what? Another A7, J7, E7 or whatever, baptised whith other names. Samsung is playing whith their costumers. And the sad part is that all these phones are coming with android 5.1 out of box, when there are people with s5 or note4 (last year flagships) still waiting to get android 5.1 or just received it, other brands updating to marshmallow at the same time. Samsung is always few steps behind.

  • AnonD-283720

Sony Xperia z ultra is best phablet in the world. Better than Samsung and iPhone.

  • Lucky

TFT Is it a joke.

  • Gm

It include fullhd display and atleast 2gb of ram

  • Seven7

it's look like j7....... samsung have the most confuses devices

  • AnonD-312743

Another shit from samsung
I don't know what samsung is doing to gain market interest but its not working anymore.
Their shits hangs a lot
they do not have any better design
Poor performance and heat issues.
apart from that
Samsung adds values to its products but not effectively, Like apple they do not need to produce more models all they need to make improvements in their old models.
Samsung kid, U better need to learn something from your Big DADDy APPLE.......................................

  • AnonD-458948

Battery is not good ........... talk time (11hours 3G)
J7 has good talktime (18 hours 3G)

  • Anonymous

I already love it and I can't wait to buy it.

  • abuy

Crappy phone.. I'm not stupid enough to buy this phone.. Xiaomi redmi note 2 is better phone than this.. I'll be waiting for the phone in Indonesia..

  • Anonymous

jonty007, 24 Oct 2015hey samsung why not launch a perfect low end midranger(like moto... moreBecause they want phone shops to be displaying tons of Samsung phones so customers will end up buying one....

  • dhanoo

solid pic........................................!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!

  • AnonD-458948

Why this again

  • Rejaul

What is this...... Samsung think all people in this wordld r fools...... why this same phones again... . & again

  • Anonymous

All Samsung phones hangs because of its hefty touchwiz ui I advice to choose bloatless fone it lasts longer than such fones

hey samsung why not launch a perfect low end midranger(like moto g3) and a perfect high end midranger(like moto x play) and not confuse buyers with 10 models with almost same specs.

  • Frank Collins

This the most amazing phone ever released. It has functions that are so advanced. There is no other phone like this anywhere.

AnonD-408478, 22 Oct 2015Waiting for Samsung Galaxy Off. when ? cant waitNot to mention the previously rumored Grand Off as well.

Galaxy J7 and this so the difference is the "False" leather and Amoled displays? Goodness Samsung =(