Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos S5302

Samsung Galaxy Pocket Duos S5302

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  • mannu india

Of course, every new samsung phone is inferior to the previous one and higher at the price. One would have thought that galaxy s2 price wud go down after s3 launch but that did not happen. What is it? Guys please delay your purchase this will make the company reduce prices and bring it to much realistic levels. Right now they are making enormous amount of money and posting billions of dollars of profit on your and my money.

  • Sachin

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2012Please, someone answer this question! Can "Youtube" p... moreYes

  • Anonymous

Please, someone answer this question!
Can "Youtube" play on Samsung Galaxy Pocket Dous S5302 ?
Can Youtube play? Please, answer!

  • AKS

Every new phone from samsung is inferior than the previous one. whether it is Galaxy R or Galaxy S advance, Wave 2 or Wave3, Samsung Monte or Wave Y, Samsung S5350 or Samsung Primo.

  • ¢¢¢&c

Ice King, 02 Sep 2012The same old wine in new bottle...... Heh he......yes 'same' wine. bat! what a colloquel! we need more of such anyway..just to make everything funny here. we really care less whether they are silly or entertain me!

  • kalim khan

galaxy pocket duos battery 1200 mah low battery use 2000 mah battery this mobile its batter than

  • Ice King

The same old wine in new bottle...... Heh he......

  • AnonD-68951

not bad..............

  • Imran

What's the amount of ram in this device?

  • AnonD-11106

iSJ5, 01 Sep 2012i hope its water or firefroof and unbreakable atlest!Where did you get the idea of fire proof?

  • AnonD-12240

Since i am a galaxy pocket owner, i know that i have to charge it every morning and evening, cos i use a lot of games and internet. So in case of pocket duos, the battery life will be terrible i think. cos

Galaxy Pocket standby time - 800 hours
Galaxy Pocket Duos standby time - 410 hours

So if you want this cheapest dual sim smartphone by samsung, you have to compromise on the battery standby time though.

  • Dibyendu

ok, but with smallish display size and resolution

  • AnonD-58198

i want to kill samsung

  • Anonymous

Wrong information provided...In-built memory is 4gb and screen resolution is 262K.

  • suraj

It has no ram and screen is very short. :(

  • iSJ5

rajdev2349, 01 Sep 2012yeaha......i m 1st ...this nic mob ..but scereen short...........yeah! im the first to reply! yeah the screen is short!

  • rajdev2349

yeaha......i m 1st ...this nic mob ..but scereen short...........

  • AnonD-31763

On opensource page of Samsung there is available ICS source code for this device

  • iSJ5

i hope its water or firefroof and unbreakable atlest!

  • iSJ5

dual sim!