Samsung Galaxy Pocket plus S5301

Samsung Galaxy Pocket plus S5301

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  • Special One

31/12/2019 Still using this phone, I hope to celebrate in 2021 the 10th anniversary.

  • sree

Lucky gal, 11 Apr 2019Loving it even though ppl make fun of me i enjoy my phonesame situation........

  • Lucky gal

Loving it even though ppl make fun of me i enjoy my phone

  • Gervas Baheza

my is S5301, after restoring some of program or files does not opperate like play store, google+, and google setting why?

  • Kialore

hezony jey, 04 Aug 2017my phone switch itself off and on I don't know why Try deleting some of your data on the phone (in case your phone is already full

  • أ&#157

I like it a lot or I like him a lot . 1. It has durability
2 - Active communication
3. His camera is very good
4-active and fast browsing
5 - His voice is high and weak
6-Small size so that you put it anywhere in your clothes

  • AnonD-725765

very handy. i use it as backup phone now. super nice. love it. perfect for texting and basic whatsapp.
not much difference from S5300 except slightly advanced. i once use both phones until i've lost my S5300. love them both.

  • m

nice mobile

  • isham

wher we get the suiteble mobile parts

  • vinith

how do screen shot?

  • hezony jey

my phone switch itself off and on I don't know why

  • anji reddy

my mobile internal memory 2gb

  • ashi shaikh

please help meh.. i have a wifi probelm. wifi isnot turning on.. it shows it turning on but get struck in betwwn please slove my probelm :-(

  • anji reddy

my mobile is running slow

but very good

  • Usama

its battery timing is bad ... u kept this mbl p9 on charging all over the time

  • shaikh

samsung GT-S5301 start heating while charger plung in

  • Mike

One I receive calls the next all calls go to voice mail. Checked all settings, it's frustrating I can't get it right. Phone no good.

  • Mike

One I receive c

  • Tapsonic

its great phone n simple to use

  • Haggailoved

lionelb, 18 Mar 2016The world's worst cellphone ... samsung galaxy pocket, GT-S5301 ... moreThats true, the battery life is bad and u have to keep it on charge all the time