Samsung Galaxy Pocket plus S5301

Samsung Galaxy Pocket plus S5301

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  • Haggailoved

lionelb, 18 Mar 2016The world's worst cellphone ... samsung galaxy pocket, GT-S5301 ... moreThats true, the battery life is bad and u have to keep it on charge all the time

  • Hebe

Can anyone tell me where I can source operating instructions on line, so's I can learn how to use it!!!!!!! Desperate! Thanks.

  • sexy sher

I had this phone a few years ago how ever I lost it and I never got it back. its convience and can fit in the smallest space. loved it!!!

  • Asa

I love this phone. I have clumsy hands and i doubt a week could end without me dropping it. Been using it for like 2 - 3 years now though if you look at it right now you wouldnt believe because of how its still in great shape.

Only problem im facing about this phone is the fact that i love gaming and the screen size is to small for one to fully enjoy 3D games.

Apart from that its great

  • sam

like these phone

  • macks

Its a damn phone,,its getting so hot,,thts abt 60C don't bye this phn guysss

  • Nir

xadi, 11 Apr 2016how any app cant install after restoring samsung galaxy gts5301How to ristoring and install

  • xadi

how any app cant install after restoring samsung galaxy gts5301

  • AnonD-4697

chembey, 14 Mar 20162 mp camera? wats that? damn it.You get what you paid for..

  • Anonymous

I have been using this phone for over 3 years now, it is my first smartphone, and overall I'm really happy with it. Right now I am looking for a new phone because sometimes when I am talking to someone, the other person goes all mute, I can't hear them and I have to hang up and call them again. Also, there are some charging problems, but they might be connected to the charger, not the phone itself.
I can praise this phone for its endurance: once I was running, the phone fell out of my pocket and slided on a stone sidewalk for about 5 metres. I thought the display would be broken for sure, but it only had some minor scratches on the plastic housing! (as opposed to the much fancier, but also much more sensitive smartphones whose displays would break instantly).
So overall, I think this is a great "first smartphone" - easy to use and enduring.

  • lionelb

The world's worst cellphone ... samsung galaxy pocket, GT-S5301

My wife and I have had one each for two years and had the same troubles with both phones.
Battery life is only hours so they live on the chargers, not in our pockets and we have keep the screen very dim and switch off WiFi most of the time.
They regularly 'lock up' and only fix is to remove the battery and restart.
We had ROM upgrades which reduced the problems from days to weeks.
For no reason the battery will start to get extremely hot and very flat; fix is to pull it out again and leave it on the charger overnight.
Phone will look like it is working but has stalled ... so take out the battery and restart yet again and the sms's flood in. Our two year contract is up and I can't recommend a Samsung!

  • chembey

2 mp camera? wats that? damn it.

  • Athul

itzzz all about with hanging problems!! Heating little! To minimise it remove the high apps performing in it bcoz it only has 512 MB RAM..SOOOOO POOR!!!!!!!

  • jishnu

zohan mbuvi, 14 Nov 2015my mp4 doesnt work Airtel roming 3g not working

  • paulus

AnonD-439840, 29 Sep 2015This phone is amazing i bought it 3 yeas ago and still working p... moreNo mine was working well . But now my gmail acc: isnot working. Always sending reports

  • Basha Rizwan

hii using samsung gts -5301 when am calling to someone the call is proccesing very late approxmetly it take 4 to 5 mnts ... am format the phone also ...pls give me good solution

  • Anonymous

can't play temple run..

  • Metal Greymon

Ellias, 30 Nov 2015It's a very good smartphone, but the problem with it so far is i... moreHey bro, you are able to download whatapp. Ensure to have MicroSD to download then app will install on phone.

  • AnonD-359902

this phone is the coolest phoné ever

  • parkkkjaz

why the internet app cant use for searching and some apps cant process or updated ... even though its already connect in wifi? why is that? pls help.....