Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

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  • ahuibdaiwk

crimson, 08 Oct 2020Hello, I'm one of those people who still using samsung... moreSame, I still got mine working on right now but I can only use some of it's basic features like alarm, camera, etc. Seems like android has forgotten this phone.

The sort of camera that's on this phone would have been OK back in 2006/2007 but, even by 2012, this was absolute garbage.

  • mike oxlong

hey guys my review on this phone are all positives. its a perfect functioning iPhone i mean Samsung galaxy pocket s5300-59..'069'596 jk this phone is shit

Hello, I'm one of those people who still using samsung galaxy pocket s5300 because it's still properly working not until I tried to update it system. It suddenly stopped at 95% and it died. What should I do? Charge it? Turn it on? I hope you could help me, thank youđź’š

  • lyndon

Dropped my other phone in the bath, pulled out the old mini (in the cupboard, unused for about 6 years) plugged it in and it works. Good on you, Samsung

  • Unknown

wex, 07 Aug 2019I have mine but it is not giving me asoftware update please... moreThex aren' t supported anymore because A) they don't have enough storage B) it costs time and money to support them C) because they want you to buy newer ones

  • Joe

This brings back memories, my very first phone, I truly loved it. And now, Galaxy s20 Ultra is rockin' my 2020.

  • Villain26

My first ever android phone! Use it for about a year then changed and changed and changed i changed phone almost every year, now I’m changing to ios tho got bored of android devices

  • John

My best phone ever because it has usb storage and internal and sd card slot and it can detect metals

  • wex

I have mine but it is not giving me asoftware update please help me

  • AunoGohe

My first Mobile phone, my fast galaxy phone.


i still using this unit for calls only.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Feb 2017My Samsung vibrates which makes it movrmost of the time and... moreIt keeps vibrating because sync is not done downloading this will take about 1 month

  • Melon

This phone is the best phone I've ever had. No crashes, very fast, good camera. I've had this phone for about 4 years and I've accidentally dropped it like 20 times. And the screen hasn't broke. It is very comfortable and it's just THE BEST PHONE EVER! :D

  • AnonD-725765

i once had this but i've lost the phone now. lovely phone and very handy. perfect for texting. not for big fingers though (duh)

  • AdamBoy64

Macbeth, 04 Nov 2017Why exactly did Samsung release this phone? Normal 5" phone... moreHmmm.. this one might fit in a shirt pocket..! :)
Very compact indeed.

Why exactly did Samsung release this phone? Normal 5" phones fit in every pocket I have tried.

  • Linwel Edrean L. Col

oj, 22 Oct 2017google settings keep installing even after uninstalling. It... moreTry to,
Open playstore≫settings≫auto update apps≫turn off

  • oj

Anonymous, 27 Dec 2016That's also happen to me, to get rid of it i just uninstall... moregoogle settings keep installing even after uninstalling. It causes continuous vibrations.

  • Anonymous

dzbing, 19 Feb 2017Uninstal google play serivce in aplication >allThanks bro it really helped