Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

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  • Anonymous

cui, 24 Dec 2016mine vibrates for no reason i think i should throw it awayThat's also happen to me, to get rid of it i just uninstall some of your apss and uninstall the update of your google playstore. Thats it.

  • cui

mine vibrates for no reason i think i should throw it away

  • kim

SIR SP , 01 May 2016my coment is that, am the one of the young personal who use sams... moremine has done so several times but afterword i got a solution.first remove your phone battery then put it back
2)press your phone power key,home key and volume up key at the same time. there some redish options which will appear on the screen,.(if they don't appear try several times and they will )
3go to factory reset option using your volume keys and click on it using your home key
4after doing that ,turn on .your phone and now you can start using it
"To prevent this problem do not update your Google play store "

  • AnonD-614595

this is my second android phone. indeed i was really amazed by its smallness of its size that really fits in any pocket. i love the phone for its very handy and light as well. for almost a year of using this phone, i have encountered a lots of difficulties. first i could not access in the internet. it hangs when i started opening up my wifi data. second it just shut down with not command from the operator. third, it has a low signal that annoys me more when i am talking over the phone. there is this watery sound that interrupts the conversation. my verdict can still enjoy texting and do some little jobs easier like calculator, alarms, and even play music in your room but you cannot maximize some of the features in the phone. i also find a hard time looking for a good place to have a clear sound when calling.

  • fabrigarz solane

van Tolres , 31 Aug 2015Samsung galaxy pocket GT -S5300 is poor, when it start its illne... moreMy phone say memorie full and vibrite no reason and some aplication not run and is crushed,virus is so slowly and is jaming wen i instoll aplication is say aplication not instolled iwant to fix those thing and upgrade my phone s5300 and softwere

Had this phone as my first smartphone & first Android smartphone. This phone served me well throughout 2 years before it died on me. I've flashed lots of custom ROMs on this phone.

  • solid Chris

I bought this phone since 2012 and is still functional, 100%. Just changed my battery last year. its still firing and dependable.

  • Anonymous

I bought one and it constantly vibrates / something is eating up my airtime / i cannot access playstore to download whatsapp or facebook or any other applications.
It's very frustrating - I feel I have bought the wrong phone. It's like only some things work and HOW DO YOU MAKE THE TEXT BIGGER as I use reading glasses but the text is SO small.

  • yoli

AnonD-585097, 15 Sep 2016how to unlocked ? because its too many pattern then locked my cp?mine is locked as well...too many pattern attemps

  • AnonD-585097

how to unlocked ? because its too many pattern then locked my cp?

  • Alex

uninstalling Google settings worked, it shopped the vibration thank you.

  • barron

AnonD-574671, 21 Aug 2016Please help i need a video player tht supports all video formatsuse mx player

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2016Me too It is because full internal storage

  • Tio

Robin, 15 Aug 2016The google play srevices does not work properly.Moreover when I ... moreChang your phone because it can't handle many new android thing with his old hardware.

There arw a lot decent and cheap options on the market.

  • AnonD-574671

Please help i need a video player tht supports all video formats

  • El fablo

Please help i need a player that supports all video formats

  • Robin

The google play srevices does not work properly.Moreover when I want to download somethings the device vibrates and then I can not download any thing.Sometimes it takes too much time to respond.

  • Anonymous

noufalmv, 18 Jul 2016Automatic vibration on my Samsung pocket aftr 3/5 mnts how can s... moreMe too

  • dzul

Dali, 14 Jul 2016I had my phone for years but this year it starts to vibrate cons... moreYou must let the google services a factory version .. galaxy pocket cant support the latest google services ..

  • gam

A, 02 Jul 2016My phone was having always been stuck. When I approached samsung... moreMy phone screen always hangs when u opens apps or returns back to main menu. Plz help.