Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

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  • sohan

Samsung galaxy pocket does not contain ram.if ram stay in phone then the phone will good.

  • Nan

I LOVE this phone -

1. QWERTY works great with auto-rotate on.

2. Go to "Settings", then "Sound" and then "Vibrate". Then, select "Never". Voila, the phone stops vibrating! As for games with sound, you need to disable sound from within the game.

Battery life's brilliant, display is great and as per it's price. The sound can sometimes be a problem (too quiet), but that's OK. Love the size and look!

  • Anonymous

Can I read pdf file?

  • rocks

Please tell me which mobile phone is best:
Samsung Galaxy Y
Samsung Galaxy Pocket
Please reply ......

  • Adrianus

A great phone at a great price. The only negative point is that it is a little difficult to remove the back cover to get access to the battery, otherwise a gerat buy. Highly recommended.

  • kashif

hi bros!
I am really confused between some of these mobiles, and also if you can tell me their prices in pakistan.

1 Samsung Galaxy mini 2 S6500
2 LG Optimus L3 E405
3 Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300
4 Huawei Ascend Y100

I have a budget around 10,000, so if you people could plz advice me that what would be the best choice and kindlu plz if you could tell me why?

  • sudigadu

Really excellent but must have more patience to operate qwerty

  • jm

How can i totally disable vibration? That is d only problem i have with pocket. I dont see any option. Even the silent m0de has vibrate. And wen in silent m0dE, the games stil hav sounds. Help me please.

  • logouno

does anyone know if the compass is any good?

  • AnonD-64631

Main disadvantages:
1.Graphic looks dull
2.No dedicated keys
3.Haven't promise upgrade to Android OS 4.0(Ice Cream Sandwich)
4.Camera a bit shine
5.Small solutions touchscreen

  • AnonD-64631

Main advantages:
1.Android OS is 2.3(Gingerbread)
2.Battery same as Galaxy Y
3.Processor same as Galaxy Y
4.Cheaper than usual smartphones
5.Easier to use applications

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Jul 2012hello I recently missed placed my samsung galaxy pocket. Do any ... moretry plan b from google play

  • Tapan


  • alexmm

Im torn between galaxy pocket or LG L3. Please tell me which is better in terms of battery back-up, multimedia, web browsing and gaming. Please.

  • Anonymous

are jelly bean apps compatible to gingerbread apps ?
i saw a site where can i install lots of apps but the problem is i dont know if those apps there are compatible with that phone its because the OS is gingerbread and not jelly bean .

  • ics_pocket

i have a question. is the galaxy pocket compatible to update ics? bcoz this phone has 1gb rom and 2.22gb internal. they can a ics lite for this phone. right?

  • Anonymous

Handy and a real good one.....its been months of using it,been working stucks no nothing...the touch is very smooth... you simply love this phone !!!

  • AnonD-64944

I recently missed place my sansung galaxy pocket. how can I track it even if the sim card is removed.
NB it was switched off when missing.

  • Anonymous

hello I recently missed placed my samsung galaxy pocket. Do any one know how I can track it even when my sim card might have been removed.
NB. the phone was switched off when it was missing.
From Nigeria.

  • imqueenie15

is there any problem .. if your in a app / games because of small screen of it ?
pls tell me.....