Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

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  • AnonD-45342

samsung stop westing your materials

  • Anonymous

for everyone who hates low spec mobiles, it's all comes to one thing, money. If you spent more, you'll get more, if less money, less features, small screen. If everyone in the world were rich there would be no point in making a phone like this. Unfortunately, that's not the case.

  • AnonD-27284

what kind of stupid budget phone is this??
Even china mobile is better

  • ssbhat

4GB internal memory is a big boom. Even Galaxy Ace had mere 200 MB. I will definitely buy this. My only concern is small screen.

  • Anonymous

samsung is going to make android worthless

  • Eekram

Samsung Galaxy Y much better than this one...

  • mysterion

if this phone will be cheaper than galaxy y then this is good to be an alternative phone

  • AnonD-45342

how much the RAM is?? how about chipset & GPU???

  • pbanik

We do hope the 'price' of Samsung 'Galaxy Pocket' will be cheaper than 'Galaxy Y,' and will be fitted with everybody's pocket....................... Its screen size is smaller (2.8inch), and 3g speed is slower (3.6 Mbps) than those of 'Galaxy Y ( screen : 3 inch; 3g speed : 7.2 Mbps),' but both run on Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

  • AnonD-15932

Basically, is the Galaxy Y, but with an smaller screen. Use the same processor, camera and other stuff that the Galaxy Y has. It´s just another entry-non-so-basic level smartphone.

  • Joe

The price is only 139 euros!

  • Rahul D

Cool and Very nice Upgrade for the use of Samsung Champ.

  • Rimty

Waiting for the details about battery talk time

  • AnonD-40285

screen is a bit smaller nd if camera would have been highly pixelled about 3.2 or 5 then it will be a better replace for galaxy y

  • ddo

how much the RAM is? How about chipset and GPU?

  • AnonD-45218

Wtf! Galaxy y is already available

  • saqi

well guyz its new samsung galaxy its very good ....dont get confused in galaxy y or galaxy pocket andriod system in galaxy y is beter...galaxy y supports wap and html both but it only supports html ....battery back is very good ....while galaxy y has very poor ...price less than galaxy y....NOW U DECIDE?????

  • AnonD-44031

A mini droid.. Cool! If this is really inexpensive, then I'm getting one as my secondary phone! ^^

  • Anonymous

same specs as galaxy y with 3gb internal memory .great phone ! I think the price would be around INR 5500/-

  • tõy

i could buy this if it will cost less than 50