Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

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  • Daniel

I just love the phone but if i insert my sim card it keeps on asking me network code. Please help me out.

  • mahin

Anonymous, 17 Jan 2013Can it support directional campass ?yes i use compass in this phone

  • Samy

I like this phone, but I cant install its driver on
my PC .What can I do

  • nana

i love the fone, but quick question, does it definantly have an auto reject feature and will i be ble to download whatsapp?

  • anyonehudi

this phone doesn't has proximity sensor, gpu ,and doesn't support 7.2mbps

  • Anonymous

Can it support directional campass ?

  • AnonD-18442

1 guys whatsapp working or not in this phone.......
2 motion sensor available for games or not
3 hd games working or not ??
4 skype for video calling working ??
5 calling with the help of gmail chat ??
plz reply
plz send a message after posting a reply

  • AnonD-18442

at the time when you looging in gmail account from your mobile
go to the or your account at pc
they ask for the address confirmation
and send some verification code
restart mail service and loging in again
hope tis one resolve your problem
gmail stops third party software use for access mails
we have to proceed these steps

  • AnonD-101613

i love my samsung pocket
i got 3-4 day battery backup
for battery backup you need to uninstall each and every thing
only install what you need
i only have these apps in my cell
Go sms
Go backup
flash light
Mx player
App lock
Uninstalled (Facebook ,Skype, Call recorder (its ussing more battery), and Batter saver (its not ok to save your battery this app use more your memory and battery also)
just using built-en internet explorer for facebook and internet.daily 3-4 calls and sms.
it gives me 3-4 days backup
hope this will help people complaining about battery issue
kashif iqbal

  • Afro

Anonymous, 16 Jan 2013my samsung pocket blocked and is asking me to use my gmail accou... moreIf you keep being told that you have a wrong password you need to scan for a virus called PWS(password stealer)

  • Rokon

Can I use Skype This phone?????Plz Ans me Quickly....

  • shaq

kashif iqbal, 15 Jan 2013First go to settings then click wireless and network settings ... morecan I ask again? how will I be able to detect or to know if somebody connects on my wifi hotspot? coz there aren't any notifications or reminders that will tell you that somebody connects on your wifi hotspot but my friend's Galaxy Note II it has reminder that somebody connects on your wifi. Hoping for your help, thank you so much

  • saleem

This mobile phone can not have call reject list kindly tell me it may have or not.

  • AnonD-101613

you are welcome

  • Anonymous

kat, 15 Jan 2013I am finding that the battery life on the samsung galaxy pocket ... moremy samsung pocket blocked and is asking me to use my gmail account. I have tried but it has rejectedit. I have tried my email address invain. I have opened a new account still not working. Am told to have entered wrong username or password. How to l go about it?

  • vincentalbt

Nice Phone. Pity about the battery life. Even on light useage it has to be recharged daily.

  • AnonD-101522

how to get back my applications to appear in home? and how to remove it in its safe mode?

  • Anonymous

kat, 15 Jan 2013I am finding that the battery life on the samsung galaxy pocket ... moreNo , not normal , but wait a little if the battery is brand new , it usually can't hold a charge well , it needs some discharge/charge cycles to reach its best charging capacity .
my pocket battery now can hold a charge better than when it was new

  • Houssam Saleh

thank you so much samsung for giving as such usable phone for such affordable price>

most amazing thing in this phose is his 3G internal memory. you can download enough apps and more ♥

  • kat

I am finding that the battery life on the samsung galaxy pocket only lasts for about 24 hours on standby is this normal or is there a battery issue as according to specs under 3g this should last about 500 hours on standby please confirm your opinion on this and what is normal