Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

Samsung Galaxy Pocket S5300

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  • dabeer

this phone is also gud

  • Anonymous

charlie, 24 Dec 2012i just bought a galaxy problem is battery...full cha... moreof course your battery will drain if you keep using it for texting

  • jakir

samsung should fix the battery problem on this phone maybe a software update will do or whatsover. Pls Samsung do something on this matter

  • Ken

Does this phone support skype

  • charlie

i just bought a galaxy problem is battery...full charge would only last one day and an hour even though i dont use the call mode often...text text lang....ubos battery ko...

  • AnonD-92667

i lyk dis phone...but i can't afford the prize,


  • ross

IT does not last long and then the power is finshed

  • jakir

I do really have this phone overall it's a great phone but what I really hate is the battery life it will never lasts for a single day especially if you are a heavy user and always surfing the internet but I love Galaxy Pocket indeed

  • organo

Bablu, 21 Dec 2012My Samsung Pocket galaxy phone Battery is not lasting even one d... moreMine too doesn't last four hours! It sucks. I hate samsung for that!

  • Anonymous

Please assist, how do l forward messages and change the profile pic on wats up

  • Dommie

Anonymous, 22 Dec 2012why does d phone go off bt itsef lyk 3times a day I had the same problem. returned it to distributor and got a new one. its now ok.

  • amit

d phone hangs a lot when more apps are installed...
there is no other option other den plucking out d battery 2 switch of d phone

  • priya

RUBAL, 21 Dec 2012I m tech Engr in IT. To be very frank let me share honestly wid ... moreThanks a lot 4 providing such a clear picture of different mobile platforms in just few lines. I totally agree with u as i m having windows, android and symbian phones in my family. Once again thnx a lot for such a wonderfull piece of info.

  • heart hacker

when i try 2 restart my phone it doesnt seems something like 7s reset!!why do this phone shows this message & how can i get rid of this problem! plz help..

  • Anonymous

why does d phone go off bt itsef lyk 3times a day

  • lils

ppl help, how do l change my profile pc on wats up and how do l forward messages

  • pino

hakaide, 22 Dec 2012I just bought finally a galaxy pocket android phone!!! and it's ... moreCongrats!! Where you from?

  • hakaide

I just bought finally a galaxy pocket android phone!!! and it's so handy, responsive and very easy to use!!! AMAZING PHONE!!! NO DOUBTS!!! NO REGRETS!! WIFI connection works fast! and by the way, it comes with a charger, usb data cable and headphones on the box! WOW!!! Thank you Samsung for this affordable android phone! i really love this!

  • jaks

is it possible to download a battery saver for your galaxy pocket?

  • Trevor

Will it do audio streaming radio?