Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C

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  • Anonymous

Bar codes and QR codes are on everything these days. They provide information when scanned by a phone camera. I have tried to download fourteen different apps that are designed to read QR codes but they say they are "incompatible with Samsung S720C." This is a major disappointment for me. It successfully downloaded other apps.

  • Derek

I love mine, runs Android Gingerbread 2.3 and the coverage is excellent seeing it uses the Verizon network via straighttalk. $179 for phone / $45 a month unlimited

  • Anonymous

can you get a case ror it

  • MazJohnnKouple Yahoo

Paul, 22 May 2012This phone is great if you understand the target group. Thi... moreThank you for your kind info..
I'd like it..

  • Sunny

When it will be launched in india

  • hfk217

Guys, plzz tell me if we can unlock this phone so that we can use with another service provider.

  • BB

AnonD-56570, 28 May 2012What is the expected price of this phone???Price at Walmart is $179.99. I have the IPhone 4 and tired of paying over $100 month for service. I got this phone and for the past week am very surprised at the ability of phone. As far as 3G outside your home area it works. I was over 50 miles away from my home area and in another state and it worked fine when changing network to roam. Just waiting to see if indeed the data plan is unlimited or if they cut you off but if its unlimited then best available for people on budget or tired paying crazy amounts of money for smartphone service.

  • Anonymous

what is android version

  • AnonD-56570

What is the expected price of this phone???

  • posthc

Compinie who have this phone now Videotron (Qc On) Canada

  • Paul

This phone is great if you understand the target group. This phone is not designed to surpass all the expensive smart phones out there (iPhone 4S, Nexus, Droid 3, etc...). This is a budget smart phone that runs on verizon's network. Exactly what I was looking for. Don't expect this one to win any races, but it is fast enough for me.

  • Anonymous

wizzzzzzzzzzzzz, 15 May 2012is this android..? if yes what's the version., ?android 2.3

  • brad

Great phone at a great price. My friend has the iphone and he is jealous of the proclaim because of the performance and coverage not to mention it was half the price of his iphone.

  • Choffy

dont like the camera

  • hmmmmmp!

very nice phone. no mechanical button to loose. and very cheap. corny gorilla glass =)

  • wizzzzzzzzzzzzz

is this android..? if yes what's the version., ?

  • sn

Not bad to see...