Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C

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  • Anonymous

I truly love my proclaim. It has been through hell. Dropped daily, left out in a field lost for a night and day (pouring rain) and generally been abused consistently. Yet, it still holds up, has the best wifi connections, voice recorder, simplest custom settings, and obvious unmatched durability. My only complaint is a serious one in that the battery appears to be junk. I've tried two or three and none had reasonable lifespan. I have reverted to an old smaller flip phone battery wedged into place by rolled electrical tape. I have to remove it to charge it in its original phone, but since it is no longer my primary phone (another spell of time that I lost it & was forced to "move on") I find d the Hassel still worth it. Throw in that I only paid $50 fr it used off eBay back in early 2013....I gotten well past its money worth twice over. Considering that any one of these new phones wouldn't survive a week with me, I can't praise it enough. :-)

  • Nicole

Okay I need help I have a very bad problem my proclaim has minutes but won't let me get on the internet or call or text or receive anything can someone help me plzz

  • Anonymous

lolo, 25 Sep 2016great little phone to have has a back up.... my screen on m... moreyep same here

  • lolo

great little phone to have has a back up.... my screen on my good phone broke and it was great to have something so I didn't have tobuy another one right away.

  • Anonymous

strange that so many has or having problems with this phone // iv'e had mine pass 2.6 yrs with no real bad problems.. my one problems was that the speech to txt was not always so accurate//other than that worked just fine//

i have a different samsung phone with at&t very good phone, but same problem speech to txt not always accurate most times either // bought girlfriend lg tribute cell speech to test 10x's better, far more accuate rarely make mistakes// why can't samsung do as well.. speaking clearly and at norman pace still can't get words write //it has it's moments @ times but not many as the Samsung Brand should // need to get it together samsung your rep is on the line @ lease with me // my next phone will definitely be LG

  • Anonymous

Whatsdematter, 10 Jul 2014I've had this phone over two years, same battery and I have... moreI have one and it doesn't have android 4.1. Either you are commenting on the wrong phone, or they being mean and not sending an update to mine

  • jad

HAve had the phone for just over 2 years, operating on Verizon... Like it, GPS is great when I travel. The only two problems is the phone seems to run slower now. It will pause for 30 seconds somtimes before dialing.. Or 30 seconds 30 to 40 seconds before converting a dictation to text.

  • Cappy2631

I read reviews and I haven't had the problems with mine. Only problem was after a couple of years the charging port stopped working. Solved by purchasing a battery dock charger with a couple 2050 mAh batteries for Proclaim. I lost my 1st one recently & bought a refurbished one. Excellent. It charges fine but I like the convenience of switching batteries. Good 1st android.

  • Steve

The phone is extremely slow. The touchscreen will not work. Why is it so difficult to unlock the phone? I press and hold down the side button waiting for the screen to come on and finally when it does it gives me the options to restart or shut down the phone. It freezes up all the time. Apps will not work correctly. Google is slow and unresponsive. Every time I have an app up it shuts down with a message (Facebook is not responding, Google is not responding) the phone works even slower connected to my wifi. Don't even try making a call. You press call and it may or may not call. I've actually had the phone to start dialing a number five minutes after I tried to call someone. The phone will shut down in the middle of apps running. I'm not happy with this phone.

  • Anonymous

This phone is ok. I've had several problems with it, but I chalk it up to the fact that I purchased it as a refurbished phone. Refurbished electronics rarely work as well as new. I just wish I could get bcmon to work on it.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-234086, 16 Feb 2014I agree, we should file a class action law suit for a new p... moreIf guys updated ur phone system ...straight talk doesn't condone that...had many phones since my first proclaim( had three in a row due to weak charge port .last finally worked great.)HTC one Samsung s2 Samsung centura. ....picked up my old proclaim for fun .decided to root it.worked is now operating 3times faster cleaner than no problems with hardware or software..not

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Jul 2014I purchased this phone approximately 1 year ago and it work... moreI have the exact same problems. It worked great for a year and a half now it does all of the above and sometimes won't let me text!

  • Whatsdematter

I've had this phone over two years, same battery and I have never had a problem.
I see a lot of people complaining about features but I write that off to operator error.
A great starter phone with Android 4.1. I can use this phone under rough weather conditions.
Being a farmer I have this phone with me ALL the time reception is very good, the screen and features are on the small side but for a starter phone , and the LOW cost, the phone is well worth it.

  • Anonymous

I purchased this phone approximately 1 year ago and it worked great at first. Within the past month I experienced a greatttt deal of problems.
1)The phone shuts off when I am using it.
2)It wouldn't allow me to call out on numerous occasions.
3)After using it for a short amount of time it gets extremely hot.
4)It will show a full charge and the screen went dark with a message that stated, "battery critically low."

  • lilone

I have had this phone for coming up on about a year and a half for the first year there were no major problems and it was perfect, but now the ear piece randomly glitches and the screen (sometimes) either reads slowly to my touch or doesn't read at all. I have kept my phone in great condition, but I even had my bf do a hard reset on the phone (which mind you ended up taking around 8-10 hours) and it still is having problems I wanna junk it immediately!!! It can be a good phone, you just have to be one of the luck few who get a non-P.O.S. phone out of the millions of junk ones.

  • Tessa

Anonymous, 03 Mar 2014Wat is the thing on the front of the phone by the ear peice... moreThe "cam" looking thing to the left of the ear piece is the light sensor. When you put your brightness display on auto, it senses the amount of light and adjusts the brightness accordingly.

  • Jesslan

I've had this phone since it first came out at StraightTalk in 2012. It is by far the BEST phone I've ever had. No problems texting or with dropped calls. The batteries don't last long enough after a while, but honestly does any battery? LOL I just bought a few extra. It doesn't help I play a lot of games on it. After almost two years I'm itching to get a newer model. My screen has chipped in 2 places where I dropped it. Just in the past month it's started to overheat when I'm on it too long, but I would definitely buy it all over again.

  • Anonymous

lillypond, 16 Feb 2014I sure wish I would have read these comments before I bough... moreSame problem! This was given to me as a gift. After talking around the 10 minute mark my ear gets blasted with screeches, pops, crackles, and hissing sounds. The person Im talking to says I sound garbled. I was wondering if it was the phone or Straight Talk. Now I know. What a piece of garbage!!

  • kat

AnonD-217801, 24 Dec 2013Can not find last pictures taken. Plus I can't delete the ... morewhen viewing the pictures in your gallery in thumbnail view, hold your finger on top of the picture that you wish to delete, it will select the pic & give you the options.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Dec 2013This is the worst phone I've ever owned. I've had it for le... moreI had the same problem but went to amazon and bought a higher powered battery and so far its lasted another year. I like this phone for the price.