Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C

Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C

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  • Ed

I have paired my S720C with my Lexus Bluetooth and I can make and receive calls. However, my contact list in the phone will not D/L to the car. The car has a D/L function to retrieve the contact list and the phone dings when I select the car D/L function but after a few seconds I get a mesg on the car screen saying the D/L failed. Anyone have a suggestion about this problem. Thanks

  • PudinFoot

Best phone I've had. I bought this phone a little over a year ago. Been pleased with the performance since day 1.

  • Anonymous

One month after the one year warranty expired, people we called on the cell phone could not understand our voice. It sounded garbled and like we were taking in side a can. We cancelled our Straight Talk service, bought and iPhone 5S for $130 at Walmart and started service with Verizon on our sons plan for the same $45 a month that we were paying Straight talk for unlimited talk, text and Internet. The Samsung was fine for the initial year.

  • Breski

How do I use the GPS ?

  • Anonymous

Wat is the thing on the front of the phone by the ear peice looks kinda like a cam but its not....

  • Kat

Basic phone can't do anything like use the camera till you buy a SD card! But it does run pretty good on the internet! It also hasn't dropped any calls like my way more expensive phone

  • AnonD-234086

JBJIMMY, 27 Dec 2013I have had this phone for about a year. I use it on my moto... moreYou have no idea how lucky you are! Maybe it's because you don't talk on it very much, yep, must be!

  • AnonD-234086

willow, 12 Dec 2012I got this phone about 2 months ago. It was working pretty ... moreI agree, we should file a class action law suit for a new phone from a different manufacturer and money for all of our pain and suffering!

  • lillypond

I sure wish I would have read these comments before I bought my Samsung Galaxy. Same problems, after only a month or so it started making very loud, high pitched noises when I would talk on it, not all of the time, mostly if I was on it for 10 minutes or so, like it was overheating or something. It sounded like when an old cassette tape got stuck in the player. It is my business phone and I can't hear my customers, sometimes my customers can't hear me, they say it sounds like I'm sticking my head out of a car window while driving down the highway, it gets so bad that they have to hang up. Can anybody help me?

  • Anonymous

Get battery etc at I am very satisfied with this one I ordered. New 1800mAh Li-ion Battery For Samsung Galaxy Proclaim S720C (Net10 and StraightTalk)
Sold by ReelWonder I ordered a higher mAh I think this phone needs it. My problems were solved after inserting it and buying a new charger(got it at Bestbuy)

  • Anonymous

AnonD-212638, 05 Dec 2013when i set up the notification sound for facebook it also a... moreIt might be referring to the htc rhyme.

  • Anonymous

evk, 11 Apr 2013Please help! Does anyone know how to delete text messages ... moreYea throw the phone away and get a different one. :-)
Yes is you hold the text message for a couple of sec a garbage can will appear then just touch it. Message is now gone

  • marleyjane

Anonymous, 16 Sep 2013There is NO forward facing camera on this! What folks are s... morethank you so much I've had the phone for a day and a half and has been trying to figure that out since I got it


I have had this phone for about a year. I use it on my motorcycle, boat and in my cars as GPS/Radio/Weather Alert/Talk2TXT/and sometimes as a phone. I tether to my tablet or laptop and watch NetFlix in campsites that do not have wifi (YES, it will stream NetFlix with litle to no buffering without wifi). The battery life is as good as any other. Screen is small by most people's standards, but I like a phone that fits in my shirt pocket. Holds a 32G card, which I have (good for a couple dozen or so movies and/or tens of thousands of songs) This is one of the last phones straighttalk has on the verizon network. I would buy another today if I broke mine. I have not had one single problem with this phone. I have never used a case to cover it, and it still looks new. I was with Verizon before (since before they were verizon), actually I had the same account and phone number since 1996 and never thought I would leave Verizon until I decided to buy this phone. I transferred my number very easy. I must have Verizon for my home signal to work. If the screen size is not an issue and you don't need to have the NEWEST phone on the market, this phone is perfect. $48 a month (WITH TAX) includes unlimited EVERYTHING! Set up with bank account withdraw to refill was simple.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 21 Nov 2013My phone is stuck sideways when you go to type how do you fix itTurn auto rotate off

  • AnonD-217801

Can not find last pictures taken. Plus I can't delete the old pictures in gallery. Menu choices are only share and slideshow.

  • Anonymous

This is the worst phone I've ever owned. I've had it for less than a year and it it glitches out and loses its battery within 2-3 hrs. Sometimes it'll go from 85% battery and then glitch and shut off and be under 10%.

  • Nann77

This is hands down one of the best cell phones that I have ever owned. I had an iPhone 3GS once and this phone tops that one. This phone may not have the absolute latest technology, but it does a damn good job!

  • AnonD-212638

when i set up the notification sound for facebook it also asks if i want a led light to flash on incoming notifications. does this phone have an led light like that?

  • Anonymous

Have a problem with the camera. Take a picture and can not find it. It did not go to the gallery. Everything was working well then no pictures in the gallery they just disappeared and not sure what I did.