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  • Nik

JesanS, 11 hours agoThe upcoming Samsung Galaxy s11 features must be ....... 90°... moreExcuse me is there any way I can contact u I need a favor please itÂ’s important to me

  • JesanS

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy s11 features must be .......
90° full curved display 4k resolution
Camera 108 mp with high power ful settings

  • KinG

Cupcakes, 18 Sep 2019Why not? I'm currently using a tempered glass(more plasticky tho... moreI hate screen protectors. I peeled off the preinstalled one, and the touch feeling is much better, as is the fingerprint reader. I always keep my phone in a pouch, with no case.

Jani_a_, 18 Sep 2019No screen protectors...Why not? I'm currently using a tempered glass(more plasticky though) adhered using UV glue.

  • Jani_a_

No screen protectors...

CJ547, 16 Sep 2019Perhaps some countries get a more recent security patch before o... moreHello, the device is supposed to adapt to the user and give more battery life over time (with adaptive battery feature in Android P)

I'm not entirely sure what causes an abnormal battery drain. There could be several reasons.

A bug in the OS (sometimes after installing updates)
Some app installed by the user or an update to a certain app might be causing it
Or it can be something else.

You can go to Settings > Device Care > Battery, and monitor things like the individual percentage used by an app, the time it ran on the background. I suggest you go there and see if an app behaves abnormally. If you find something like that, try 'force stopping' the app, clearing the app cache or data.

Or sometimes a soft reset (a simple restart) can fix the minor problems. Did you try it? If yes and still didn't work, go to device care and manually optimize the device, the go to storage option and use the CLEAN NOW button to clear the cache files that may have been the reason for the battery drain. Then restart and see if the problem is solved.

If it still persists, you may have to do a complete reset. But before that, please try on support pages to see if there are any other users experiencing the same issue. (Sometimes a monthly security patch may be able to cause an abnormal battery drain, in this case a reset will be just a waste of time and effort)

Unless you're experiencing a huge difference between prior battery life and the one you're getting now, i don't recommend doing a complete reset.

  • scorpio

Cupcakes, 16 Sep 2019Lol you still trying to decide? I remember you commenting on Not... moreHi Cupcake I have only just finished replying to Maria on the same topic. Note 10+ is too large to fit comfortably in my pockets so it's either Note 10 or s10. The greatest downfall with the Note 10 is its downgraded display which would probably be more apparent on a larger screen so I think s10 may be the way to go. As I said to Maria I'm surprised at the lack of reliable rumours regarding the s11 so don't know whether its worth waiting for. By the way I am in Melbourne Australia so we get the Exynos version but nothing wrong with that.

  • scorpio

Maria, 16 Sep 2019Hello @scorpio and @cupcakes I like the last paragraph and sent... moreHi Maria I think that I am reaching the same conclusion. Note 10+ is just too big to fit comfortably in my pocket so it looks like being s10. I have to say that I'm surprised at the lack of any leaks on the forthcoming s11 so I have no idea whether it will be worth waiting for. Have you heard any reliable rumours?

  • Maria

scorpio, 16 Sep 2019Thanks Maria. Think I may have to toss a coin.Hello @scorpio and @cupcakes
I like the last paragraph and sentence of @cupcakes. And @scorpio, time flies so fast, if you are not in a hurry, wait for galaxy S11.

If you consider to buy a Note series, it is better to buy Note10+. It is because, not like S10+ vs S10, Note10+ have 2 promising features (I think), ToF 3D and microSD slot (microSD slot? is it promising?? LOL).

S10 vs Note10 only, please: well, I think I will choose S10.

Cupcakes, 16 Sep 2019Mine's on August security patch.Perhaps some countries get a more recent security patch before other countries?
My phone's battery doesn't last as long as it did the first 2 months of having it, and I don't have too many apps installed on it. Would you know what could be causing battery drainage?

  • sarwar

u have to change back camera alignment and head phone by your own products

Cupcakes, 15 Sep 2019Flase comment. Or you don't have a good musscle memory. Unlike o... moreWell, fingerprint sending was never an issue with my OnePlus through several models. I well understand Samsung's is a better tech, but it does take several tries.

Cupcakes, 15 Sep 2019You should be hearing a beep sound if you have turned on call wa... moreThanks. I had to activate call waiting. That was hidden in phone settings.

Got it now. Thank you very much.

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2019You need to activate "Call Waiting" option in sim card option fo... moreThank you so much. These do not appear in 'Settings'. After your advice, I looked up the YouTube. I discovered we have to go through the Phone App settings.

Thanks again for this help.

  • Samsung fan

This phone no battery backup. Draining too fast. I used many Samsung S series. (S3, S4, S5, S7, S9) there is lasting battery more than this Samsung S10 phone.

Anyone facing same problem ? Or only for my phone ? Please answer me. Because i need to contact Samsung care

CJ547, 16 Sep 2019Got an S10 in May as a contract upgrade over 3 years. It's a gre... moreMine's on August security patch.

scorpio, 16 Sep 2019Thanks Maria. Think I may have to toss a coin.Lol you still trying to decide? I remember you commenting on Note 10 page too. I have a suggestion. Just go to a showroom and use both phones for a while and decide.

If you live in US, note 10 and the S10 are getting the same snapdragon 855 processor. But if you're outside of US you're probably getting the exynos version. In this case, note 10 has a slightly powerful and power efficient processor.

Slightly larger screen and battery in Note 10.

Stylus (s pen) in Note 10.

Slightly more squarish design.

256gb of UFS 3.0 storage which is slightly faster than the S10's internal storage.

A little bit brighter appature in the Note 10's telephoto camera.

No headphone jack. But you won't really miss it nowadays.

No heart rate sensor. Still .....

Its 100 euros more expensive and the display is only FullHD. I think this was a samsung strategy. If they put a QHD display on the Note 10, s10 sales will go down drastically. So i think they wanted to create a bit of 50/50 doubt in people's minds. (toss a coin and choose kinda situation)

Just buy the note 10+ and call it a day haha.

Got an S10 in May as a contract upgrade over 3 years. It's a great phone but I'm wondering why I'm getting a Software update where the Security patch level is from 1 July, and not a more recent Security patch level.

  • scorpio

Maria, 13 Sep 2019If you concern with the display between both, S10 wins (higher r... moreThanks Maria. Think I may have to toss a coin.

  • Anonymous

Amitabh Satyam, 15 Sep 2019My S10 doesn't alert me of an incoming call when I am on a call.... moreYou need to activate "Call Waiting" option in sim card option for receiving incoming call alerts.