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  • Alex

Sohai , 15 Jan 2021Got updated 3.0 with android 11 showing 1835mb changes ... moreSamsung just rolled back Android 11 update for S10 line (for an unknown reason). Did you notice any issues? May be smth like this:

Sohai , 15 Jan 2021Got updated 3.0 with android 11 showing 1835mb changes ... moreDid battery life & fingerprint scanner improve after the update? Everything is fine about this phone except these two issues especially battery life which is horrendous.

  • Haroldo

Which is best all round device iphone se, Black shark 3 and samsung s10. Rate them from highest to lowest

  • Anonymous

Yea when I got mine I thought I was getting the newest phone from Samsung less than 2 weeks after they came out with the s10 note and a couple of weeks after that the s20 was released.I do like the user friendly Android that Samsung has put together other than that the camera blows not to mention very fragile I have now paid for 4 phones though insurance at the tune of 300 a phone I pay insurance. Although it does seem off to me that when I was with at&t I paid 6 a month from insurance and when I drop my phone in the harbor getting off my boat I walked to there store and said I lost my phone. They asked me one question I was honest and said at the bottom of the harbor they immediately ordered me another phone which got there in 2 days it was a piece of JUNK but it was hassle free and painless at Sprint they act like I'm trying to get a new phone for free and pull one over on them not likely considering we all know how much it sucks to be without out phones unexpectedly even 2 days is a stretch all that and 6 upgraded too of the line phones later I still hadn't paid a dime though asurion same insurance as Sprint but I pay 11 dollars a month for an outdated crappy phone which I have to pay 300 dollars to replace if it goes to poop. Hell at this point I would have taken a downgrade to the s8 active which you could drop from the top of the empire state building and it still will be usable even though it's half the size. Oh and the fingerprint scanner sucks as well you have to constantly update your prints or else it seems like it forgets them over time. 1200 bucks not including monthly bill and I haven't even started paying for the phone LOL!

  • Anonymous

Alex, 13 Jan 2021It's like choosing between mermaids and unicorns: do y... moreI’ve been using iphone 6 before, i’m confuse to choose between them.both are great lol

  • Alex

Sohai , 15 Jan 2021Got updated 3.0 with android 11 showing 1835mb changes ... moreDid you notice any actual changes? Battery, camera, performance, compatibility, calls?

  • Sohai

Got updated 3.0 with android 11 showing 1835mb changes many thing's exons versions

  • Alex

I admit I was young and stupid a month ago. Will try to return my S10. And I don't even use the infamous fingerprint scanner, it's the camera that's killing me:
The main cam is worse than S9 one: colors, dynamic range, even detailization. Not cool, Samsung.
Ultrawide cam is the cheapest budget junk added there for the record.
Tele cam is good at day but switches to damn digital zoom at night, wtf.
Selfie lacks the details, that becomes terrible in low light.

  • Alex

the plutonian, 12 Jan 2021Are you some sort of Chinese phone company sabotage artist ... moreIt's lame to suspect sabotage on a 2-year old model forum, plutonian. And most of the listed concerns are actually valid. I'm using S10 for a month now and getting "disappointier and disappointier".

  • Alex

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021S10 or iphone xr in 2020?It's like choosing between mermaids and unicorns: do you prefer horns or fins? And how would people in Samsung forum branch know about iPhone? :-)
Myself, I'd be concerned buying iPhone with 3GB RAM in 2021. But you can use comparison tool to see what features you like most. And try iOS before you commit.

  • the plutonian

JacekD, 04 Aug 2020In summary: Avoid at any cost Full story: I was a fan... moreAre you some sort of Chinese phone company sabotage artist or you bought a fake phone? Cause a lot of the things you said are starught up not true about the phone ,you can in fact disable bixby quite easily and the rest are too funny to even reply ,maybe you have a defective device

  • scorpio

Anonymous, 11 Jan 2021S10 or iphone xr in 2020?S10

  • Alex

Alex, 04 Jan 2021One thing that pisses me off in my newly acquired S10 is in... moreMore things started to piss me off after a month of S10 usage, in the camera department:
What kind of f... i... decided to automatically crop (and upscale!) main cam images for 2x zoom in low light, instead of using actual tele cam!? Or default to crop mode for the selfie camera!?
Is it possible to control it, anyone knows?

  • Anonymous

S10 or iphone xr in 2020?

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2021Is this phone still worth it, in the beginning of 2021???I'm still using mine, hopefully till the end of software support on major Android OSs.

Other than the just okay-ish battery life, everything else works great for me.


+Software features like Bixby Routines (automations which is a life saver for me), Sound assistant, One-hand operation+ , Customization options...
+Performance (except on whatsapp - my exynos version heats up and lags after 10-15 minutes of continuous whatsapp use)
+Display quality
+Audio quality
+Supposedly S10 will receive one more iteration of Android than usual, which will make this end up on Android 12. So that's two more years to go plus some more security updates.


-Battery life is okayish but not great
-Whatsapp lag! I did multiple reset, cache clears and pretty much everything, but still my device is ALERGIC to whatsapp. (No such issues in any other apps)

So, there you go. Decide for yourself. Perhaps compare with a couple of devices within the same price range and make a final decision?

  • Alberto

No led for missed calls

Alex, 06 Jan 2021In other words, you've got a disfunctional brick for 1... moreActually no. Phone work great, only cracked on the back which is not a big problem for me. I use a slim case any ways

  • Alex

Betta, 05 Jan 2021Great Phone, great performance for the price. I buy a used ... moreIn other words, you've got a disfunctional brick for 170€ that only lasts a day :-)
Hm, I'm hoping I can actually use my S10. As a smartphone.

  • Alex

Citaro, 05 Jan 2021I have been using it for more than a year it has a bad batt... moreWhat's the problem with he camera, Citaro? Colors, exposure, detail? Main, wide, tele? Day, night? What camera you liked before getting S10?
Do you have S10 Exynos version?

Great Phone, great performance for the price. I buy a used one and cracked on the back with 170€ here in Romania.
Just one advice for people struggle with battery life.
Do a complete wipe out or factory reset
Instal all your desired application
Create a medium power saving profile
Go to Device care/battery/ app power management and choose deep sleeping application and put there all the apps you regularly dont use.
Disable WiFi and Bluetooth always scanning
Disable Always one display
Disable location and other stuff related to this
With all the stuff mention above you can gate 4-4.30 SOT and a full time day.
You welcome 🤗