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  • Anonymous

Chandu, 18 Aug 2020am using s10 igot it yesterday i will very happy ..all are ... morethere is nothing u can do on btry performance bcuz of exynos processor

  • Timsy Gilbert

Anonymous, 12 Aug 2020Yeah man, I just confirmed it. Nice move from Samsung I like it but may I acquire on promotions

  • Chandu

am using s10 igot it yesterday i will very happy ..all are awesome display processing .exnos 9820 nailed it..but bettery annoying ..please help me ...

  • Dan

Anyone can guide me on how much SOT you get on a day out ?

  • Anonymous

DannyB, 09 Aug 2020I see a lot of complaints about battery life. I just return... moreYeah man, I just confirmed it. Nice move from Samsung

  • Budz

All flagships will be getting 3 major software update, starting from s10. Great! Now Samsung is listening.

  • Dragan

Is this phone 150 euros better than the Xiaomi Mi Note 10 (in terms of camera and screen)?

I see a lot of complaints about battery life. I just returned an S10 Lite, and the battery on the phone is VERY impressive. It has a few drawbacks over the S10, but if battery life is one of your biggest concerns, I highly recommend it. I ONLY returned it, because of the massive screen size. Other than that, I was impressed, and willing to sacrifice a few features for it. Just compare them, and see if you're willing to sacrifice. I have a used S10 coming Tuesday night. Same screen size as my LG G7 that I've used for almost 2 years. I was hesitant to pull the trigger, but when Samsung guaranteed updates thru Android 12 on it, it was a no brainer for me personally

Geo21, 07 Aug 2020Exynos version or sd? What android patch?Probs a qualcomm 855 chipset

  • bruh

JacekD, 06 Aug 2020LOL your "cousin is using" :) Looks like Samsung&... moretl;dr - bruh


Me when the when the when the

  • Geo21

Alectheone, 06 Aug 2020I get around 6.5 hours of screen on time. 9am full charged ... moreExynos version or sd? What android patch?

Daz, 04 Aug 2020Lol. Speak for yourself. I'm using the s10 and I'... moreLOL, don't you think that it is probably because you laid it on the shelf and never switched it on? Pls try start using it maybe? Maybe start with uninstalling bixby, and enabling fingerprint scanner with screen protection on. Also do not forget that it would be nice to have the phone with data transmission on, running on the battery for at least a day. And I am not talking about Alaska day in November, just the standard 12h.

Anonymous, 06 Aug 2020Hey man, just because you had a bad experience with your mo... moreLOL your "cousin is using" :) Looks like Samsung's sellers found my post :P "You are wrong, the old one is not bad at all, and the new one is just all great" and no arguments at all
You did not answer to any problem pointed by me based on my several months experience (bixby, diode, camera, the battery), which leads me to the conclusion that you probably did not even use this phone. Regarding failures, despite to what you are writing, various problems with the screen (e.g. touchscreen and fingerprint scanner, which was confirmed by Samsung) are common for this model not only for me. It is enough to know how to google. For the speaker issue, I just checked on the us community, and this issue is reported there as well. Charging? Is this guy also an exception in your oppinion? Please don't be ridiculous with your admiration for the phone that you probably never used :)

The short time to deliver the new version of the product to the market impacted Galaxy S series quality. This is obvious for any Galaxy S user that used these phones, not sells them, or just read about them, or purchased S10 and wants everybody around to admire his new failing toy. I need my phone for work, so I will select something else the next time.

  • Anonymous

JacekD, 04 Aug 2020In summary: Avoid at any cost Full story: I was a fan... moreHey man, just because you had a bad experience with your model doesn't mean the rest of the newer ones are bad. My cousin has an S10 and it's been just fine for him. Plus, I hear tue S20 is supposed to have pretty large battery.

  • Alectheone

I get around 6.5 hours of screen on time. 9am full charged still I would have to charge the phone by 8PM every day. But otherwise it's a good phone.

Good smooth display. One UI does good job. Camera is outstanding. Easy to carry around, 160gm.

Also it still got the headphone jack, heart beat sensor &IP rating waterproof.
Fingure print reader won't work correctly if you put a screen guard.
Buy if it's ur 1st flagship or upgrading from s7 or s8 considering the average battery backup

  • Daz

JacekD, 04 Aug 2020In summary: Avoid at any cost Full story: I was a fan... moreLol. Speak for yourself. I'm using the s10 and I've never had these issues.

  • Chandu

Which one is bettet s10 or op 8

In summary:
Avoid at any cost

Full story:
I was a fan of Samsung Galaxy S series from the very beginning. I used the first Samsung Galaxy S, then S2, S3, for a while S4 (one of the best mobiles at that time), and for a longer time S6. I really loved the S6. After it became old and started to have issues with the battery, 9 months ago my company bought me the new S10 for the really high amount of $$$, much more than any of previous Ss costed. And then problems started.

First, inconveniences.
First of all, the Bixby thing. I hate it and I don't want it. But there is no way to remove it from the mobile.
Next, lack of charging diode. It was useful. Is it so expensive that the $1000 mobile cannot be equipped with it?
Next, the camera. Sorry to say, S6 did better photos. Of course, the resolution was lower, but the distortions were not that noticeable. And the colors were lot better.
The touchscreen. I often keep it in my pocket. None of my previous mobiles ever called random people, switched the flashlight, opened various apps that often because of being kept in a pocket.
Last, the battery. It does not last even 10h on data transmission on in the middle of a city. With the medium power saving it lasts for approx 16h with data transmission switched on only when needed, although the mobile promises much longer. I am not comparing it to my dad's CAT S60 that lasts 4 days. But my kids use their Chinese cheap devices, and they have enough power for the full 24h with data transmission always on.

Next, failures
Speaker. Since a firmware update 3 or 4 months ago, the loudspeaker started to switch on randomly, without any warning during calls. The speaker icon that is visible during the call remains off. But the voice goes through the loudspeaker instead of the standard speaker, so everybody around can hear the call. I must double click the speaker and then it is off again. But often during longer calls, it switches on again. Randomly.
USB-C socket. It became loose (not to say lousy, I really hate it, and it was the reason why I wrote this opinion finally) just about 2 weeks ago. I must search for a proper position to charge the phone now. The laptop stopped recognizing the mobile, too. It is not a problem with the cable, I am still using the original one, and it works on S8 of my colleague. It is the simple USB-C socket failing in the $1000 phone that even cannot be loaded now without trying various positions. And it is not even 1 year old.
Fingerprint reader. It is completely random. I still have the original screen protector on the screen. The result is that the max 5 read attempts and the need to type the code happens far too often.

It looks like Samsung Galaxy S series is not a good choice anymore. I need a reliable phone, not the failing expensive stuff with useless bloatware. I will not buy the newer versions, I will ask my company to buy something else for me in future. I am not sure which manufacturer, but even 5 times cheaper Chinese mobiles that my kids use are more reliable.

  • Raul

Deepu, 01 Aug 2020How's the battery performance? I'm planning to bu... moreDon't buy it, battery is a big issue for th s10, I'm very disappointed also with the fingerprint on screen is just compatible with plastic screen protectors. It's the worst phone I've ever used.