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Recently upgraded from Galaxy A9(2018) to Galaxy S10, but am so disappointed with the battery life of the S10. The android 10 update has also failed to come through..... Am generally so disappointed with this S10.
Someone advise on how i can get the best out of this S10, otherwise i feel like reversing back to my A9(2018)

  • Anonymous

Hello guys. I recently bought a S10. Can any one give me link to buy a good screen protector which supports finger print scanner. Thank you.

  • Dan

I've had this phone since day 1 - about 1 year and 3 months now; it is almost perfect - no glitches, works and operates fast and can compute multitasking really well.

One issue though - battery! The battery is a 5/10. It is not awful. It is also not great. It's very mediocre. Samsung really needs to sort this out. I see the S20 has 4000mAh. That's a good step. There are a lot of us that travel and need the phone to last for a full day with a lot of activity. I don't want to carry a battery bank with me. Please fix this stuff. I rather have a smaller screen, lower ppi and thicker phone - make a 5.8" phone with 4200mAh and it will destroy the competition..

  • Anonymous

Used it for a year now .. and its just awesome ... software experience is very good .. display id crisp and clear ... call clarity is just awesome ... speakers are loud enough .. have'nt faced any issue regarding battery till now .. because i always have a charger on my desk ... and it charges superfast .. (samsung must have unlocked 25 watts superfast charging) which is restricted by software ... otherwhise it is a great devive to be used .. and i plan to use it for 1.5-2 years more

  • Anonymous

Ultrasonic finger print scanner is really slow. I hope it improves

  • scorpio

ficio, 08 Jun 2020I'm happy with the phone but disappointed with the battery ... moreHave you tried re-starting your phone to see if that helps.

  • ficio

I'm happy with the phone but disappointed with the battery life. I lose 2-3% after disconnecting from the charger (from 100%) within 10 minutes. Usually I get to 30% after about 10-12 hours with regular use with two to three and a half hours of screen time. I'm still on android 9 but I'm hoping for an improvement once I update.

  • Tid

Propane001, 06 Jun 2020I'm thinking about buying this phone since it's much cheape... moreCamera is great. Display is outstanding. Gives everything u view a new look.

Battery life is "just good" Though u can save some power via Device Care. Im using the exynos version, maybe the snapdragon version battery performance could be better.

  • Anonymous

Jonny, 06 Jun 2020Who received may update on S10? It's's june and i have secu... moreI received may. Exynos version

I'm thinking about buying this phone since it's much cheaper now. I want tv o know how the cameras are and the battery life in day to day experience. And I heard that the uv tenperd is reslly good for this phone any advice

  • Jonny

Who received may update on S10? It's's june and i have security pack from april.

  • Anonymous

AC1, 03 Jun 2020What a disappointment this Galaxy S10. A battery of last ce... moreFrom your comment, even 50,000 mah battery, won't still be enough for you. Dude you're exaggerating. I charge mine once a day.

  • AC1

What a disappointment this Galaxy S10. A battery of last century 3400mah for such a great phone.If you are going to buy it, make sure you buy a 5000 mah traveler's charger so you can charge it 3 or 4 times a day even when you don't use it. Samsung just messed it up with this so called Flagship.

For those people curious about the color gamut of smartphone displays you can find them at Tom's guide.
Here are some of them:
Galaxy s10 has 208% SRGB.
Galaxy A50 has 192% SRGB.
Galaxy S20 has 164% DCI-P3.(wow!)
Iphone 11 Pro Max has 118.6% SRGB.
Note 10 plus has 124% SRGB in natural Mode(wow!).
Oneplus 7 Pro has 180% SRGB.
Galaxy A51 has 211% SRGB.
Iphone 11 has 113% SRGB(LCD screen).
Google Pixel 3a has 182% SRGB.
Huawei P30 pro has 180% SRGB.
Google pixel 3 has 170% SRGB.
Samsung s10 plus has 136% SRGB.
Iphone xs max has 123% SRGB.

Keep in mind 100% srgb is average color gamut for an great display. Some high end phones have less numbers to maintain color accuracy with oneplus being the best.

  • Brid

Wow. What a great classic phone. So cool. It gives every app a different stunning look.

The AI camera is very smart. After taking a picture of the shoe am wearing. I checked the photo details and it said loafers, and the shoe I was wearing was loafers. Lol

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 May 2020Its perfect phone in everything but the battery its very bad Not "very bad". Battery is "just good" Still depends on what you do with ur phone during the day.A 5000 mah battery can still drain quickly if you're doing a lot during the day.

  • Anonymous

Its perfect phone in everything but the battery its very bad

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 May 2020Why did you upgraded from s8+ i also have s8+ and i dont ha... moreCould possibly be due to the battery degraded over time. But just a guess as I have S8 plus too and dont have any issues relating to the battery although admittedly I've had the phone since launch and the battery does not perform as it once did but then again I wouldn't expect it to.

  • Asfiq

I am facing bettery draining issue after last update. So am i only one or its happening to u gueys as well

Cupcakes, 28 May 2020Perhaps write those backup codes down in case something goe... moreSure thing.