Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10

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  • Anonymous

The only weak point is the battery, otherwise this phone is solid

  • Nah

Bad battery and front camera looks annoying. Disappointed 👎

  • Razo

Weak battary

  • Ahmad

3300 mah battery are you made Samsung??

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2019I think developing countries should have the FM radio not c... moreThe thing is if you can pay for s10 then you can pay for 4g net and online radio. If you can A series and M series have radio. Other reason is to make phone thinner etc

  • Alex

75 mm narrow screen, when they stop making sousage phones?

  • StevE

Huawei Nova 4 is basically the same or even better phone for half the price...

  • Anonymous

CherryPie., 30 Jan 2019Not sure, I guess in such big country many places are witho... moreI think developing countries should have the FM radio not canada and usa because we are still using it
And does not Always have internet connection

  • Anonymous

Samsung always lies on official renders of phones, they always show less bezel then are the case.. Samsung are liars

  • tadeo

The S10 have a 3500 mAh battery!

  • Samguy

Samsung should build a larger battery like other mobiles.. that's critical for flagships..

  • Anonymous

They giving the lower end phones bigger batterys

Martin, 30 Jan 2019Why FM radio in USA & Canada only? Not sure, I guess in such big country many places are without 4g support.

  • Martin

Why FM radio in USA & Canada only?

If only there was a 1TB storage and 12GB RAM variant of the smaller phone. :/

Camera only 12 MP and Battery only 3.500 mAH ? No !

Are you stoned?

  • X

Will it have notification LED or not?

  • X1

@Sebsta, what a stupid comment. Not Announced means its not yet officially announced. It's not yet Feb 20 right?? Is it Feb 20 on your country already???

  • Sebsta

What you mean Not announced yet?? the whole planet know its 20th of February !! and 8th of Marc is the release date. Can you update this information please? thanks!