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Now this is what I call a complete smartphone! Started my day with 80% battery left made 2 videos of me & my colleague regarding our office presentation for 30 minutes, took lots of photos while heading back at the riverside, received some whatsapp videos calls (no overheating whatsoever) & still has 45% battery left, it says 21 hours used & 14 hours left which is really great. This phone is a joy to use, high recommended.

  • Sam

I bought the S20+ last week & it was one of the worst Samsung phone I had ever used, literally wasted my savings. That phone gets immensely hot in normal usage (I'm not a gamer) & the battery life on that phone turned out to be horrendous had to charge it twice in a day while I only used it for whats app calls, internet surfing & taking pics (forget about watching videos). After bearing that crap for a week I got rid of it & bought the S10 lite as I was on a tight budget & to my surprise this thing is what I wanted!! It is a great phone although it misses out on some features like Samsung dex, ip 68 rating, reverse wireless charging but still according to the price it's a great buy with long battery life, great cameras, big screen, no overheating issues. I'm really loving this phone.

  • John

Sam799, 28 Aug 2021S10 lite is a wonderful phone even better than the S20 FE &... moreLol please, what are you smoking? The S20 FE is MILES better than this phone. While both phones doesn't have a headphone jack, the S20 FE has IP68 dust/water protection and USB-C 3.2 with video output support, which means wired Samsung DeX support. This phone doesn't have any of them.

✍,S 10 Lite green tint issues ditected Service centre refused to accept it.Phone is under warranty along with the Servify insurence also all are use less I conveyed my complain to Samsung twitter handle and got reply we are looking into your issues. How pathetic.

Are someone have issue with receiving calls, sometimes just say, that phone is offline or outside network with latest August patch? I also notice icon of 4G and 4G+ switching, even with use WiFi and don't have problem with WiFi. If WiFi is off, there is no issue.

  • Sam

Did anyone receive the August update?

S10 lite is a wonderful phone even better than the S20 FE & the latest Samsung offerings.

Uhm.. To gsmarena admin, are you sure the score of GFXbench for Samsung S10 Lite is 56fps (ES 3.1 onscreen)? its even beat snapdragon 865 in Asus ROG Phone 3, Samsung S20 FE 5G, and Oneplus 8.... That gfxbench score is just too crazy...

AnonD-1013570, 17 Aug 2021They shouldn't have called it Galaxy S10 Lite. Its scr... moreWell you're not wrong but for the s10 e to s10+ you get ip 68 rating and slightly better camera and the super rare audio jack for the same price as the base s10.Still it has the basic s10 so you might call it s10 fe

  • AnonD-1013570

They shouldn't have called it Galaxy S10 Lite. Its screen's bigger than all other Galaxy S10 models:

Galaxy S10e: 5.8 inches
Galaxy S10: 6.1 inches
Galaxy S10+: 6.4 inches
Galaxy S10 Lite: 6.7 inches

Maybe it was better to call it Galaxy S10 Ultra.

  • User

Green screen issues is very inconvenient and unnecessary expenditure for such a costly phone. Am highly disappointed as a phone just made 1 year shortly after if black or green screen no access to phone at all...super annoying

  • John

Sinekura, 04 Aug 2021Dear everyone! Please help me to choose: S10+ or S10 Lite.... moreIf you care about long OS update, go for S10 Lite since it was shipped with Android 10 out of the box and eligible for three years of OS update. If you deeply value headphone jack and Samsung DeX, go for the S10+. Personally for me, I'd go for the latter.

I own both S10 lite and standard S10 (exynos). S10 lite with BSG 8.1 GCam has supperior quality of photos from main camera to pictures from s10 stock camera - better details and colors. The only benefit of s10 camera over s10 lite gcam is sligtly faster shutter speed in low light conditions

Sinekura, 04 Aug 2021Dear everyone! Please help me to choose: S10+ or S10 Lite.... moreS10 lite is a very good phone, it is newer so it'll get more updates. Both have the same processor but built quality is personal preference, lite is much bigger and not that rounded which I personally like, the S10+ has a glass back while the lite is glasstic so it's your choice also there's some difference in the cameras no telephoto lens on the lite instead you get a macro lens which is very capable.

Dear everyone!
Please help me to choose: S10+ or S10 Lite. Price difference 50euros. S10 Lite seems to be newer model.
Thank you!

✍,My Samsung S10 lite having a display issue (a green tint issues) detecting in my divice from bottom to middle portion of the screen.Amoled display comes with so many issues.

I can't even fathom why Samsung would bother to launch this phone in the first place. It was supposed to be the A90 5G replacement since it was called the A91 during the development process. But when comparing this phone and the A90 5G side-by-side, the latter is a much better phone in every way. The A90 5G has Gorilla Glass 6 protection both at the front and at the back. To make things even more ironic, the A90 5G has Samsung DeX support. The only reason that I can think of why anyone would buy this phone is because it was shipped with Android 10 out of the box and it was eligible for three years OS update policy, that's it.

  • Gruesome

The most stupid phone I ever used in my life. USB port isn't recognizing for data transmission, also I dropped my phone only once and vibration and network connectivity is dead. Took the phone to customer care they are demanding 17K saying we have to change the motherboard. They themselves have no clue what is wrong. I mean how stupid it is. The whole phone is working properly and yet I have to change motherboard?? This is how samsung makes us stupid. Shame on it. Oneplus is way better than this. My wife is using 7 pro and has dropped it 20 times still running as smooth as butter and this one got exposed only in one drop.

  • Freddy

K2, 21 Jul 2021'Switch off and switch on' solved the charging is... moreOn android 10 the fast charging was good 1 hour+ with 25w charger after android 11 charging like almost 2hrs slower than S10+ even with latest May update still the same.

  • K2

Loading, 20 Jul 2021I have same charging problem. Does anyone know how to fix this?'Switch off and switch on' solved the charging issue for me.... but i feel charging speed has reduced compared to last year (even though i am using original charger)